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Sunday, October 6, 2013




What does he want you to do? I've said that I am Online Radio’s opponent. Why don’t you believe me? Fine, I’ll say it even more clearly. I am working so hard in Qi’s company to acquire a part of it. It's because I want to see the Qi family taste the pain that I went through. Is it clear? Who are you? A woman who has only hate. I think I like you. Yes, Yes, ok, I’ll take them over immediately. Liu. Was it ANIMAL RADIO - CURRENT EPISODE? It was master. He wanted me to take over some suits for him. Mistress, I’ll leave now. Liu. Could you ask Master for me if there is any news on WeiYi. Web Radio has gone to QingDao and hasn’t called. I don’t know what is happening. Okay, I will ask him. Liu. I think it’s better if you don’t ask. Master is busy, it might make him unhappy. Online Radio aren’t you going home yet? Your call will be connected to voicemail. Call cost apply after the beep. If you do not wish to leave a voicemail, please hang up. For express voicemail press * after the beep I forgot the keys. Where's ANIMAL RADIO - CURRENT EPISODE This guy’s habit will never change. We’re just like when we were in London. Seeing that he’s not home, break into his house and drink all of his wine. Hungry? Let me prepare a feast and we'll eat a good meal. The richest person I’ve met is Online Radio, but the poorest fridge I’ve seen is also his. There’s only tomatoes and eggs. But don’t worry, I’ll think of something. Oh yeah, Web Radio Do you want to eat Chinese or Western style? Chinese style has stir fry eggs with tomatoes, fried eggs and boiled eggs. Western style is simpler. It has tomato salad, fried eggs, boiled eggs egg fried in shallow oil. Whatever. Whatever? Here! Your whatever! Miss. This way. Here, taste this. Tomato and egg soup. If you leave it in your mouth, it tastes good. But if you leave it in your heart, it’s not so great. Say it, what happened? When he said he wanted to cancel the wedding, I kept thinking, if I was the one who got cancer, would I have the courage to let go of the people I love and face the dire death alone? At that time I felt that WeiYi really loved me and it was all that cruel sickness that wrecked my happiness. But I never thought that, never ever thought that, the real reason was because of a woman. You already know? You knew about that other woman and you did not tell me? Web Radio Hu Online Radio, am I still your friend?! Listen to me Web Radio In the hospital, you often see the fighting will of sickness and its victims. That strength often comes from an uncompleted goal. It's that goal that lets them have hope in their life. What's that mean? I How long has this woman appeared for to have become the hope of his life? What about me? How do you guys talk about me? What is ANIMAL RADIO - CURRENT EPISODE Web Radio to him? They met years ago. Do you remember in London, there was a photo WeiYi kept in his book. One time, you asked him angrily who the girl was in the photo. It was the first time WeiYi got angry at you. One Christmas, everyone went out to play. ANIMAL RADIO - CURRENT EPISODE knew I didn’t have the money to spend on Christmas so he stayed in the dorm with me. He told me a story. The girl in that photo is a girl who does not like to talk.

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