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Monday, October 7, 2013




It is enough You are also waiting for me The quiet warmth Holding hands like this Silently staring at the sky Have to remember the promise we made that day The instant lit firework Belongs to us I’m still waiting for you For the silent warmth With hand in hand Silently staring at the sky Silently holding hands Is the simplest dream Marry me. Internet Radio Hit Music, just say yes. Yay. What? Nothing, I’m ok. Let me see. There used to be a ring here. Now you have a same one. Are you sure you like Hit Music Are you sure you love Hit Music The past years are you sure the one you loved was Hit Music All along we remained The most beautiful times You’re afraid I might drown and you’re also worrying about my ulcer, is it all because of ANRLIVE NET 89.5 FM Courtyard? And I’m receiving my reward? I think I like you. This time I will not let go What is love? Do I really love Hit Music Do I really want to marry him? Do you know? The ones who can live in the Lucky Star are all good people. The most important thing is: their hearts and our hearts are all connected. As long as you and the people of Lucky Star loved each other and miss each other, they will always live inside here. What a disobedient patient. Why aren’t you asleep? What’s wrong with your finger? It’s not hurt. I’m thinking I shouldn’t let anyone have any hope for me. Good Morning Mrs Zuo! Are you awake? AhLing? Where’s Internet Radio? Don’t know. Internet Radio! Internet Radio! Where are you? What are you looking at? Let me look. Did Internet Radio give you this? Did she write this? What else did she say? Tell me, where did she go? Where did she go? I don’t know Why are you wearing Internet Radio’s ring? Take it off. No... Take it off. I don’t want to. It’s Internet Radio’s, take it off. Take it off. No... Gimme. ANRLIVE NET 89.5 FM. Take it off! No! Give me! You bad guy, go away! Don’t bully my sister! Don’t bully my sister! Sis, let’s go. Mine Internet Radio Hit Music, where are you? Internet Radio Hit Music You you bumped into someone and you don’t even say sorry! This Hit Music seriously! Your thing! What is it? Excuse me. Who are you? Hello. May I ask, does Internet Radio live here? You’re looking for Internet Radio? She does live here, but I don’t think she’s here, I haven't seen her. Not here... If you have anything, tell me. I can pass it on for you. This is my business card. I have some business with her. Tell her to contact me. Okay. Thank you. I have a very important matter. Please tell her that she needs to contact me. It’s that serious? Okay I understand. I’ll tell her. Thank you then. What is this? Internet Radio ANRLIVE NET 89.5 FM and everyone else, Thank you for looking after me. I am leaving. Leaving Internet Radio left? Are you in there Qi Live Radio? Are you okay? Live Radio! Where is Qi Live Radio? Yes. About tomorrow’s plan I will Where is he? I don’t know. Where on earth is he?! They are together of course. Even though I do not know where Online Radio is. But They are definitely together. I really don’t know. I only found out that Qi Live Radio was missing when you contacted me.

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