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Monday, October 7, 2013

Antenna 5 Radio

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Antenna 5 Radio
Where are you going? To find Live Radio Internet Radio. It’s futile. I just went to find her, she’s not there. I They are together. I’m always walking alone In my heart, it’s filled with empty holes Used too many excuses to cover up the loneliness But could not find back the freedom Love, has brushed pass Like, stop in the memories Am used to searching for you Having you is enough All along we remained Have you ever had a snowing Christmas? I want to pretend that right now, it’s ’s Christmas. Merry Christmas. I finally understand You are definitely my happiness charm This time I will not let go [Antenna 4 Radio] Do you need me to help you in? I’m going to wait here for Internet Radio to come back. In front of me, do you have to be so strong? It can't even happen if we’re drunk? We’re only extracting warmth from each other and you still can’t do it. That's right. It’s because you’re not Live Radio Internet Radio. I never wanted to become her. Sis! Hurry! I am! If you don’t hurry, I’m not going to wait for you! But where are we going to go to look for Internet Radio Hit Music It doesn’t matter, as long as we just look for her. Antenna 4 Radio scared. Don’t touch my sister! I’m sorry Online Radio, yesterday I was I don’t want to listen! Sis don’t be scared let’s go. Online Radio... Online Radio, it’s hot. Where on earth did Internet Radio Hit Music go? If I knew where Internet Radio Hit Music went, would we be walking this far? Yeah we walked such a long way. My legs are tired. The sea! The sea! Did Internet Radio Hit Music go back to Taiwan? Sis? Sis? Sis... Help! Can someone help my sister? Sis! Sis! Sis! Internet Radio BianDou said, our dad drowned to death. Is it true? Online Radio... Your dad, he He really did drown to death. Sis! Sis!! Online Radio You said Zuo Ge asked Internet Radio Hit Music to marry him? Yeah, at first Internet Radio Hit Music agreed. She even wore the ring. But then, she suddenly disappeared. In the end, Online Radio got really angry. He even yelled at my sister. I’ve never seen him so mean. Antenna 4 Radio is really scared. Online Radio, do you know why Internet Radio Hit Music ran off? Online Radio? Online Radio? It’s late. You two have to go home. Internet Radio BianDou and them will start to worry. Sis, let’s go. Thank you for rescuing my sister. If you can’t swim then stay away from water. Understand? Thank you Online Radio, bye bye. Let’s go Sis. Online Radio! What? Didn’t you say that you’re going to teach me how to swim? I’ve only learnt words... But I swear, I swear I’ll learn words. Can you teach me how to swim? Please teach me. Please teach me. I don’t want to be afraid of water. I want to protect AhLing. Then you have to promise me to keep a secret. What secret? Don’t tell anyone else that I’m here. What are you doing? I quit. I’m going to look for Internet Radio. Don’t think that by doing this I’ll change my mind. Live Radio Internet Radio took a early plane back to Taipei today. Thank you for telling me this. You can go back to Taipei, but you don’t have to quit. I’ve already transferred you to Taipei.

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