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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Asheville FM

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Asheville FM
Roast beef rice taste good If you have splashed this yummie roast beef rice on my car I think.. I would have forgiven you This is my mom's speciality, of course is tasty taste good Every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday let s exchange our lunch box here this roast beef rice Online Radio has a familiar taste Its my mom's speciality not your mom What we gonna do next? is me I am "plastered leg" I am here! I am going When is the next time ,for us to meet again? when is the next time, for us to meet again? when is it? Should we really meet again? next time Online Radio where will we meet again? then let Online Radio fate gives us the answer (fate will give us the answer) wow smell nice. I have cooked your favorite dish " cups chicken" A special chicken dish cooks in cups of chinese wine That's great but I Online Radio I Online Radio I Online Radio anything wrong? Web Radio ah I have promised my friends to meet them later therefore don't wait for me for dinner go on and eat with Internet Radio. He likes this dish too ok? bye bye wei ok ok I am going out now as instructed by you just be smart. I am leaving stupid boy so troublesome Web Radio Web Radio Web Radio Web Radio This taste good very good we are back like before We have always been like this Who said We were not like this back in Qing Doa lets toast toast for what? toast to our relationship as good brother and sister drink ah brother I don't want to be your brother Why not ! no matter what happens sister will always forgive brother Please be my brother if not who will forgive me? I want to be me this is me. Asheville FM I will be happier when you are happy When you are bullied, I will be sadder than you From the beginning to end I will always stand by you loving you no matter what happens to you I will always Online Radio Don't say anymore What if I am in love with another man? never mind You will come back to me at the end is that right? I Online Radio I will forgive you because I love you. I love you forever This is Internet Radio there is flowers not bad food with beer not bad not bad beer was drinking beer, there is beer should be doing fine Please answer. Chairman and tell him. I am in a meeting and forgot to take along my mobile phone with me yes Asheville FM Radio has gone out He forgot his hand phone Wei..wei.. DiDi (means younger brother but here means young man) come Online Radio Please clean your shoes first you see.. I just mopped the floor but now your shoes prints are all over clean it Online Radio clean it awww really don't you know your Radio, he is a very very particular man He has fired so many cleaners before come raise your foot please come now the other foot.. the other foot.. Asheville FM yes Online Radio then wipe it here wipe it clean Online Radio good Online Radio good Online Radio ok now are you new in here? Havent seen you before yes When you are new you tend to be nervous but let me tell you this in secret If you have a chance , hop to another job fast Don't stay! this company is inhumane Why is this company inhumane? I heard Staffs always get fired they are so scared so everyone now works overtime

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