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Thursday, October 10, 2013

At Work (Your Office Station)- AddictedToRadio

At Work (Your Office Station)- AddictedToRadio, At Work (Your Office Station)- AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, 80s, 90s, Pop, Soft Rock, USA

At Work (Your Office Station)- AddictedToRadio
He is weird and thoughtless the staffs have wives, kids fathers and mothers There are other important things beside working then what do you think? How should a humane company be? You have asked the right person First, you have to be friendly with the staffs jobs that are tedious to the staffs, usually they will try to avoid then you should be the the first one to do it this way the staffs would be touched and and one important point is dont let the staffs work overtime you know, staffs need sufficient rest you understand rests mean recharging Of course is not a matter of how many hours they have worked. Reason is very simple if you have only dollars you will be very calculative on how to spend the dollars whereas if you have a million dollars you would think well I have so much money to spend why worry again is not a matter of time let me get to the point, At Work (Your Office Station)- AddictedToRadio if you give the working hours hours per day the staffs would try to finish their work in that given hours then no time is wasted your reasons make sense just like Online Radio if a person has only months to live he would feel how precious the month is to him yes your reaction is fast but you comparision is far too tragic! is it? if only has months to live there are many things still undone Such as? such as such as to be in love then have a gathering with good friends, family. and things that have never been done before; places that have not been to; must do it and must go around and see it so as to have no regrets and many many more does my sandwich taste good? very good thankyou you are welcome and thanks for your suggestions I'll pass on your suggestion to the Radio when I have a chance are you very close to the Radio? then you must never tell him these suggestions are from me are you all scared of the Radio? of course Let me tell you He doesn't have any good friend in the entire building. I am new here but I have made a few good friends in every department It sounds like the Radio is really pitiful I feel that way too I need to go and get busy, talk to you later thanks for your sandwich you welcome hey fighting fighting oh my god he is so handsome. He is the most humane thing in this company hello Radio Hello Radio hello Radio hello Radio Hello Radio can't, need to deliver the goods before midnight I understand I only Online Radio if against the contract are you gonna be the one responsible? Then think of a way to get the staffs back to work ok talk no more , I am coming over wait for me bye bye everything ok? I am busy. Is there a problem? every problem, we stil need to solve it ourself Radio Doesnt need to do anything sorry, I have no time to explain to you. I have to rush to the factory now I am going with you explain the problem to me while we are in the car lets go the auto loading machine is awaiting for repair so we need to pack the boxes by hand all workers has gone off duty only left to do over time. Its impossible to deliver the goods by midnight Can't we delay till tomorrow? the contract states must deliver to them before midnight or we could be sue for breaching the contract our workers has been working overtime continuously for more than a week.

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