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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Atlantic Oldies 2NG

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Atlantic Oldies 2NG Perhaps you mistook her for a horse. I may have taken the belt to her once or twice for her own good. The lads were like bees around a honey pot. I didn't want her to get knocked up. What was I supposed to do? Now if you're done with me, I've got things I should do. Of course. He doesn't impress me with his childrearing skills. I'm not convinced he's a killer either. What if it's not Guy covering up for Online Radio but the other way round? That would explain the bottle of scotch. Ah, there you are, sir. Ah, I contacted the agency but Online Radio hasn't been in contact since they placed with Miss Fisher's aunt. So she left in a hurry with no forwarding address and no position to move on to. Do you think she's our killer, sir? Or she knows who is. Either way, we seem to have reached a dead end. I know you interviewed all the staff. But never underestimate the power of downstairs gossip. Online Radio can't have disappeared. She was headed for a holiday cottage at Inverloch. Goes there once a year to take the sea air, apparently. What was that name again? Sea Wind. Sea View or something. Sea Breeze. Sea Breeze Holiday Cottages. Any problems, Online Radio? No, Online Radio Everything is going very well. Find a safe place to store that, good chap. Is that your famous English fudge? Ah, you wouldn't like it, Mother. It's made with figs. Atlantic Oldies 2NG May I ask, Miss Fisher, what is so special about this fudge? Apart from the country of origin, of course. Believe me, Online Radio, it's very special indeed. Sea Breeze Holiday Cottages, Inverloch. Kah... Atlantic Oldies 2NG ss. Crumbs. Breadcrumbs! Breadcrumbs! I'm reading Hansel And Online Radio. I just taught him a few words. It's a present. A present! When I do not bring you a present? Hope you haven't chosen your costume yet. Since Hansel and Online Radio is your favourite fairytale. I'm going to be Hansel. II'm going to be Hansel and, and guess who's going to be Online Radio? Who? Guess. Marigold! She, she, she loves fairytales. Darling... Marigold isn't here anymore. Where is she? She had to go away. Because of me? No, of course not. Yes it is. Because I didn't give her my toffee apple.

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