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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio

Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio, Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio Live, Listen Online, 70s,80s, Classic Rock, USA

Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio

Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio and Mother's cross too because I'm not supposed to have sweeties. Tell me, did you see Marigold? Phryne! That's enough. Why did you tell Jack Robinson it was you who found Marigold? I did find her. Arthur had no idea she was dead. Still doesn't, I hope. Well, somebody should tell him. He has a right to know. How long is it now since Little Janey disappeared, Phryne? Arthur was still a boy when your sister went missing. He still has bad dreams, still awakes in the night, calling for her. Well, this time there's no reason to hope. The kindest thing you can do for Arthur is tell him that. Arthur! Janey! Arthur, stop it at once! Janey! For pity's sake! Janey, come back! Shh... I was just teaching him my name, that's all! I just want Janey to come back. Does he mean Marigold? Did the woodcutter hurt Marigold? No. You've got it wrong. There was no woodcutter. He was in the garden and he gave her a toffee apple. I saw him! Here? And where were you? Hiding? The woodcutter gave you an apple? To go away. But I didn't go away. And then... You saw the woodcutter with Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio. She wasn't asleep, was she? The woodcutter killed her with his axe, didn't he? Yes, dear. I wish I had an axe. I'd go and I'd find him and I'd chop him up. No, don't talk like that. Arthur, was it someone we know? Marigold's father? Someone else from the house? What did he look like? Tall? Short? What colour hair? No, no, it was the woodcutter. I saw him. The same one. The one who took Janey. That's not possible. There was a toffee apple left behind when Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio disappeared. I've tried to dismiss it as coincidence. That's all it is. sr22 insurance died in prison. But what if he's duped us all? With trickery or he paid people to help feign his death so that we all think he's gone but he's just biding his time, waiting to strike. Strike whom? Me. So why would he kill Marigold? It's a game, of cat and mouse. He knew Prudence Stanley was my aunt. It's been all over the society pages with Guy's engagement. Foyle's dead, Phryne. But Arthur said it was the same man who took Janey.

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