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Friday, October 25, 2013

BasementSoul Radio

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The ribbon. Arthur, tell me everything that happened tonight. I wanted to go to the party but Mother wouldn't let me. And when I went outside, the man was there. He gave me another toffee apple but he took my costume and he hit me. The same man you saw with Marigold? Yes. The woodcutter. The one who took Janey away. Oh, my God. Foyle drowned BasementSoul. He knew I'd help my aunt. And he's still out there, Jack. I wonder if I could trouble you for a lift? My car won't start and I need to get back to St Kilda. No worries, jump in. We're heading that way. I've let all the staff know. At least Jane's out of harm's way. The guard at the gatehouse saw a man holding a wolf costume flag down a taxi. We've just missed them. Cec and Bert! We'll take my car. Dot, telephone Online Radio. Warn him to lock all the doors and windows and tell him Jane's on her way. There has to be someone at that number. It's an emergency. Could you please check the line for me? Are we home yet? Go back to sleep, will ya? Goodnight, then. Thank you. So where can we drop ya? Anywhere near Acland Street will be fine. Acland Street. Excuse me, I'm so sorry to bother you but I appear to have left my house keys back in my car. Do you think I could use your telephone? Of course. Come in. The telephone's just there. Thank you. Good evening. Could you please connect me to a number at the Camberwell Exchange? I was a professor at the university. Really? I want to go to university. What did you teach? History was my area. Ancient worlds are my passion. Mine too! Uh, milk? No, thank you. Makes me think of Cleopatra. Bathing in asses' milk. Oh, yes. She was in love with Marc Antony, who was a Roman general. Tell me more about Cleopatra. Feeling better, Online Radio? Yes. In fact, I'm really rather peckish. You are...? Mr Ayrton's car broke down at the party. He teaches history. Does he? Well, that's very interesting. Thank you for the tea. I should be leaving. I'll see you out, BasementSoul Where are you? Jane! What's wrong? Where is he? Where's sr22 insurance? He'll be back. What a lady you've turned into. You... clearly ate up all your vegetables.

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