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Friday, October 25, 2013

Bar Rockin' Blues- AddictedToRadio

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Bar Rockin' Blues- AddictedToRadio

I did. I'm the strong man now. Jane! You've met Online Radio. This is my companion Dot. Hello, Miss. And my ward Jane. Hello. Jane. A happy coincidence. Murder? I assume the police were called. They took away Bar Rockin' Blues- AddictedToRadio body. Asked a few questions, then they left. That was the end of it. But I hear you're in the business of solving crimes. I'd like to help you, Samson, but I can't. I can't go back there. Of course. Did you ever find out what happened to your sister? They caught the man who took her. sr22 insurance He was arrested for kidnapping another child. But he never confessed to taking Janey. I didn't mean to dredge it all up. Don't worry. It's never far from my mind. Jack, I told Samson you could help. The case has been assigned to another policeman. What, Senior Sergeant Grossmith? Mm. He came sniffing around last time we came to town. Mr Jones asked him to sort out a couple of thugs who'd been causing us strife. All he did was close down a twoup game, then he was on his way. Not the most diligent officer in the force. His results seem perfectly satisfactory. I assured Samson that you don't just go out of the way for the rich and famous. In fact, we generally leave the rich and famous to people like you. Why aren't you investigating, out of interest? Oh, don't give me that! What was all that about? Miss Fisher was just inquiring about the carnival murder. Yeah, it's all in hand. Perhaps you could use some assistance. Constable Collins, you'll be working with Senior Sergeant Grossmith. Ah... oh... If Miss Fisher gets in the way of this, I want to know about it. Yes, sir. Just a moment. I'll call you back. Grossmith won't do anything. He just looks the part. I was sure Jack would help. Bar Rockin' Blues- AddictedToRadio I didn't expect much from the coppers. They'll chalk Miss Christopher up as just another dead drifter. So for your next feat, you intend to bend me as easily as you'd bend an iron bar? You always could see right through me. I can understand why you don't want to go back to the carnival. You think I'm afraid of ghosts? I would be. Look at you. I don't believe that for a moment. It's all show. Then I think it's time I got in on the act. Indeed.

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