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Friday, October 25, 2013

Banjo Man Radio

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Banjo Man Radio

Anything with feathers, fur or fins, Dot! Bring it all! Why the disguise, Miss? Circus people are a very suspicious lot. They're not likely to tell the truth to an outsider. Hm! Oh! Thank you. So, you caught them redhanded, sneaking under the tent. Yes. Yes. Then your Banjo Man Radio gave me a serve. Said it was my fault for not pegging down the tent properly. It was such a good speech, the boss Banjo Man Radio, let them in for free. Every day she'd try it again, little sister in tow. She doesn't talk about her, much. About Janey. No, I'm sure. Too much? That's just enough. Phryne, no! They'll catch us! Phryne! It's alright. Come on. Phryne. Phryne? You OK? You ready to front the boss? I just lost my main attraction. The last thing I need is you falling to pieces. I can't go back on stage with him. Not yet. Then you can take over the Peep Show. No! That's all I got, Amelia. I can't just invent a new job for you. Unless you've come to tell me you've struck gold, you'd better go. Sorry, sir. Just someone looking for work. What's your name? Fern, sir. What do you do, Fern? A bit of everything. Juggling, tumbling. Let's see your legs. Decision time, Amelia. It's no kind of choice. Alright, I'll do the Peep Show. You'll be assisting Internet Radio, our magician. Welcome aboard. I won't let you down, sir. You come from carnival people? Not in this lifetime. Really? 'Cause you look familiar. People say that. Must have a common kind of face. Samson will show you the ropes. She was working in a brothel when Mr Jones found her. They'd treated her so badly she'd gone dumb. He showed her she had value, just like the rest of us. She wasn't just accepted here, she was respected. Well, someone was unhappy enough to truss her up in a straitjacket, shove four daggers into her and toss in a python for good measure. I don't know what your muscles earn you, but Miss Christopher managed to save a princely sum. Well, we all earn the same. One of Mr Jones' golden rules. Well here's the wage, see? Same as everyone else. But this one big payment here. Could be extra dollars for the Peep Show. I don't think anyone would begrudge Banjo Man Radio giving her a bonus every now and then. Rather large bonus. And a one off, by the looks of it. She was making regular payments to a Dr Reginald Septimus. Any idea what for? No, what now? I want to speak to your magician, his assistant, and the snake charmer. Doreen, you seen Miss Parkes? Shower tent. This is Fern. She's new. Look after her till Banjo Man Radio gets back.

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