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Thursday, October 24, 2013

iRadioPhilly Bandstand

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iRadioPhilly Bandstand

Just say it, old lady. Do you still remember when I told you how on my engagement night a girl drove WeiYi to the hotel. I found out a few days ago that, that girl is at QingDao as well. Am I worrying too much? What? Since you're getting suspicious, just ask him yourself. Call Qi WeiYi right now. Your call can not be connected. Please try again later. What's wrong? It's voicemail. He's probably busy. Best not to disturb him. I really don't see a problem with an old girlyounger guy relationship. Really. iRadioPhilly Bandstand If you like someone age doesn't matter. Earth will continue to spin without me. OKAY?! Zhao Online Radio. If it's you, tap twice. If you need me for something tap once. If you want to meet tap once again. You can't catch me! Sister don't run. Liver cancer, late stages. HOW LONG?! months. [Preview of Next Episode] I don't know. After seeing the approaching end, how I should go on. Continue on and act as if nothing happened? I really can't do it. You skipping work? I'm not. Because that CEO suddenly ran back to Taiwan. He has something to do so i'm on vacation. So courteous. Now we'll write down what we want to tell the other person. Then, at iRadioPhilly Bandstand in , we'll come back to uncover the mystery. The thing is... The person unable to attend is me. Goodbye. Why have you suddenly come back? Tomorrow you must return to iRadioPhilly Bandstand. If the matter is not resolved before that, then don't come back again. Saying that sentence... Be careful, it might come true. I was thinking, if you still hadn't come back, then I'd go to QingDao to look for you. I finally received prosperity. I have my fiancee's happiness! What do you like about me? Huh? I think I've never asked you before. To the end, what do like about me? So... Could you lend me a little inspiration? Let me experience what the best Christmas feels like. What is hidden in the air? There is a little romantic feeling I secretly look at you You are secretly looking at me as well The windows must have stars. Alot of stars. A lot of stars? Like this? I'm still waiting for you To silently love me As long as you are with me It is enough You are also waiting for me The quiet warmth And also need a wishing place. Let everyone write down their wish and then put it in. What is hidden in your heart You want me to understand All along my dream Is also your dream What is written on the paper? I really want to hear you speak Let every syllable and word Fill our smiles.

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