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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bazooka Radio - Baltimore Psychobilly

Bazooka Radio - Baltimore Psychobilly, Bazooka Radio - Baltimore Psychobilly Live, Listen Online, Punk Radio, USA

Bazooka Radio - Baltimore Psychobilly

Let go before you do something you'll regret. They broke into my place. I know. I know what they were looking for. Didn't even bloody find it, did ya? Keep your eye on the old lizard. Someone needs to have a word with these boys about how to treat a lady. Oh, we weren't doing any harm. You've got some explaining to do. Lizard? Lizard? Now, was that too hard for you, boys? So is a peep show what it sounds like? Well, on the way out, the punters can buy a little something extra. She didn't seem too thrilled with the idea. Miss Christopher used to do it, before... Made a lot of money, half man, half woman. Twice the price to have a gawk. She hated it. Last week she threatened to leave and they had a barney. The boss had to beg her to stay. So there was tension between Miss Christopher and Mr Jones. The boss would never have wanted to get rid of her. She was our greatest money spinner. Besides, I know Mr Jones. He kept me on when noone else would have. He was like a father to all of us. Not all fathers are kind to their children. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. She's a slippery customer, and those Roy Boys are a handful. Yeah, well, it's a good thing you had your gun on you, sir. You can't ask a crook to wait while you go back to the station, and get a permission note for your weapon. No, sir. Better get a wriggle on with the carnie case. These are the files of interest, with a list of names for people at the carnival. Just check their histories. Nut it out. Try and impress me. Yes, sir! OK... bah, bah, bah, bah. Have you been drinking, Constable? Oh, just the one, sir. Helps turn the cogs apparently. If I ever catch you or anyone else drinking on the job, you can kiss your badge goodbye. Now, get on with that carnival investigation. Jones will call for numbers from the audience, and I'll endeavour to hit them. Endeavour? You're not filling me with confidence, Internet Radio. I rarely miss, Miss Fern. That looks sore. I fainted. When Miss Parkes opened the cabinet, and we all saw... Faint at the drop of a hat, I do. Can't imagine seeing that happen to someone close to you.

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