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Sunday, October 27, 2013

BBQ Central Radio Network

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See that Miss Parkes finds you a costume. Good day to you. 'Course it was going to go bad. Couldn't last. It was stupid to think it would. This. Will this do? It'll be fine. Are you... have I upset you taking your job? Look at me, blubbering like this. I've got no right. Your friend was killed. If ever there's a good time to blubber, I reckon this is it. It's alright. A good cry never hurt anyone. I wasn't much of a friend to her while she was alive. Can hardly come over all upset now she's dead. Just wish we didn't have words the last time I saw her. Think there's a headdress here somewhere. My mum always set never to let the sun go down on an argument. She wanted to borrow some money. For something special. She just needed the last £. When she said she was leaving, I got worried she wasn't going to pay it back and I said as much. She was so offended, that I didn't trust her. So, you see, I went back there to apologise. And I saw them together. And I don't know what came over me. I just lost my grip on things. Said Lord knows what. Who did you see? Miss Christopher and? Internet Radio. Miss Christopher and Internet Radio were lovers. Sir? Hmm? I've been looking through the files of these circus people, and it looks like one of them has a prior arrest. Drunk and disorderly? Affray? How does murder sound? Sounds like a solid gold result to me, kid. What are you staring at? Oh, Fern. Some dishes here with your name on it. You wait till Internet Radio's plate comes back too, before you change the water. No use wasting it. Off you go, then. You did the legwork. Um... Amelia Parkes, you're under arrest for murder. I'm ready. See? She knows what's what. This isn't the first time you've been arrested, is it, love? It was all over the newspapers. You didn't read about it? Trapeze Wife Lets Husband Take Death Plunge.' And where did you get this, out of the Ark? Bottom of a carnival trunk, as it happens. Miss Parkes was charged with murder after failing to catch her husband on the trapeze. But... during the trial, it came out that she has epilepsy, a condition she was unaware of at the time.

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