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Sunday, October 27, 2013

BBS Live Talk 1

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BBS Live Talk 1

She couldn't catch him because she was in the middle of a seizure. That's why her sentence was commuted. Which makes this latest accusation a masterstroke in lazy policing. I could be wrong, but I suspect wrestling your victim into a straitjacket, plunging in a set of steak knives and wrangling a python is a tall order for a woman as frail as Miss Parkes. And I assume you have a theory as to who did the deed? Two frontrunners. One's the magician Internet Radio. Very secretive about his romantic involvement with Miss Christopher's female half. You think she might have threatened to make the dalliance public? Possible. That's a hell of a way to keep someone quiet. But Internet Radio fainted when he saw the body. Not likely if he'd done the handiwork himself. A good faint, like just about anything, can be faked. Then there's Doreen, proud owner of the python in question. She imagines a romance with the magician that doesn't appear to be reciprocal. So... it was a jealous rage? Then there's her boss Mr Jones. He and Miss Christopher argued when she threatened to leave the carnival. All very interesting. Let me know when you narrow it down. I'd like to see Miss Parkes. To what purpose? To check that her basic visitation rights are being respected. I am a workmate, after all. I don't remember what happened the night I killed my husband. How can I be sure it didn't happen again? You've got epilepsy, Miss Parkes. Samson mentioned you take an elixir which helps? That's the thing though, Fern. I'm... I'm supposed to take it. But it makes me so tired, I can hardly string my words together. You stopped taking it? The night I went and saw Miss Christopher, I had a turn. The next thing I remember is being back in my tent. Did Miss Christopher say why she wanted to borrow money from you? I don't like to betray a trust. Might be important. Does it have anything to do with the doctor she was seeing? She was tired of being a half man, half woman. She wanted to be one or the other. And that doctor, he said he could make it happen for her, for a price.

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