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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bear Radio Network

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Bear Radio Network

I want some bloody justice from you lot! Come on, Jackie boy! Come on! I told you, he's busy. I want some bloomin' justice from you lot! Hello, Jack. Elsie. Jack Robinson. He's the nicest copper this side of the river. I was his first arrest. Did you know that? Really? Do you remember that, Jack? You never let me forget, Else. What seems to be the problem? Those stinkin' Roy Boys, they're still sniffin', around my place. Sir, Sergeant Grossmith intervened earlier on an attempted burglary. Fat lot of good that did. They'll never find it. That's Matty's stash. What stash is that, Elsie? I thought you swore blind your boy Matthew had nothing to do with the Burns Street robbery. Which, by logical extension, would mean there was no stash to be stolen. My oath. You know what I'm trying to say, though. You know... you know what I'm getting at. Things'll seem a lot clearer once you go home and have a sleep. In fact, Constable Collins here will take you home right now. I'm... Unless, of course, you're finally ready to interview Miss Parkes. Sergeant Grossmith says that he wants her to sweat it out some more. He says sweat... He says sweat what? He says sweat... greases the wheels on the fast track to confessions. Dizzying insight, Constable. Don't let him intimidate you on the way home, Else. What, this lamb? I found out why Miss Christopher needed that extra money. Are you going to tell me? I think it's something better seen with your own eyes. I thought the manwoman act was a con, but she was a real hermaphrodite. But she didn't intend to stay that way. She'd found a doctor who was prepared to relieve her of her additional... appendage for an extraordinary fee. Ouch. 'Cause of death asphyxiation.' The python? No. She was choked to death, possibly with a rope. Then the knife wounds, the straitjacket and the python were all added afterwards. Overkill. To send a message, a warning. But to whom? My place is down here. We're nearly there. That's the gate. I don't see the mongrels. Bugger! Go on, do something! Police. If you come out with your hands in the air, there won't be any trouble.

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