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Monday, October 28, 2013

Beatles Radio

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Beatles Radio

Could you get into it for me? He's a good man, Phryne. I know it's hard. But good people, the best of people, can still be compromised. Miss Fisher's residence, Dorothy speaking. Where is he? I don't know whether to hug you or slap you. Do I get a vote? Any truth to the nasty rumour that you got yourself shot? Afraid so. Sir? This is my sweetheart Dot. If you were any kind of senior officer, you wouldn't have sent such an inexperienced young policeman out on such a dangerous job. Hooked yourself a regular barracksroom lawyer, I see. I do know a bit about the law, actually. My employer is Miss sr22 insurance Detective. Really? Well, maybe you should get your employer to sort out her facts. I didn't send your sweetheart anywhere. Better drive the old soak home or we'll have to fumigate. I want her to dry out before she goes. If you've got time to burn, you might turn your attention to Miss Parkes. I'm officially turning the clock on. I want movement on the circus murder first thing in the morning, or I'm letting Miss Parkes go. Lord knows how he's managed it, but he has managed somehow to bust out of jail. He's a clever lad. I don't think so, Else. I'm telling you, he has. You call 'em, tell them go check in his cell. He won't be there, I guarantee you. I know my son. Well, I promise you, if what you're saying is true, I'd know about it. Here, sit down. Right? If it'll help you sleep soundly, I'll ring the prison and find out. I always liked you, Jack. My apologies for the roommate. Underneath the alcoholic vapour, there's a lady of considerable intellect and wit. Unfortunately, waiting for her to reveal herself isn't going to be pretty. I finish by ten at the latest, so you could meet me out the back of the tent. What are you looking at? Nothing. I thought... What? That you and Internet Radio were... You thought that was romantic? That was about money, sweetheart. You don't make enough money in this lark without doing a a few extras. Little Bo Peep's lost more than her sheep. A class act in the buff. There's the boss. Which means that his tent is unattended. Sam! A padlock I can get around, but this...

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