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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bible is

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Bible is

Forgive me, but I think he likes you even less than he likes me. But perhaps Online Radio there's someone else we could send in. Martha Driscoll? Yes Online Radio Miss Gaskin. And you've no previous experience? I was a lady's maid, once. Well, I'm afraid there are no ladies here, Martha. Oh Online Radio Never worked in a factory before, never operated machinery? Uh, no. I'm afraid there's nothing for you. But I am very keen to learn. You see Online Radio I need the money. My mother has the influenza, and Online Radio My aunt died of influenza. Ugh. There is one thing I can do, though, better than almost anyone else, I've been told. Yes? I make a very enjoyable cup of tea. If I needed help, I would have asked for it. Miss Gaskin sent you? Yes. S'pose I'm stuck with you then. Thank you, Miss Online Radio ? Hetty. I'm Martha. Well, Martha, you'd better mind your Ps and Qs or they'll move you onto one of those big machines first chance they get. Chop chop. Get a move on. Let's see what kind of brew you can turn out. Is he a nice man, sr22 insurance? Nice isn't the word I'd use. Married? Single? Look, I know tea ladies have got a reputation for gossip, but that is not me, alright? This is a tough job we have to serve the entire factory, and if we get behind with our work, then the bosses will be on my back, which I don't need. Got that? Got that. We do the Gaskins first. I'll do him. He's particular. You do her. Do I have to say anything special? She's not the bloody Queen. So I practised my curtsey for nothing, then? Next time, can you wait before I call you in? Sorry. Your tea, Miss. Thank you. Just leave his on his desk. Who knows where he's wandered off to? My supervising the ladies isn't wandering, Joyce. What's happened to this tea? It's actually drinkable for a change. Miss Gaskin was writing in it when I came in. And she tried to hide this book when she saw you? Yes, right away. Was her brother in the room? Um Online Radio not then, no. I'm not sure I ever want to see another cup of tea in my life. Excuse me. What sort of a book was it? A diary? It was small enough, but I'm not really certain. Could you find a way to get a hold of it? I'd have to find a time when Miss Gaskin was out of the office. I have complete faith in you, Dot. Online Radio is here. Trespass is a serious charge, Phryne. Did the Doctor put you up to this? I can assure you I wasn't trespassing. Do you have any notion just how much money Roderick Gaskin has donated to the hospital? He didn't strike me as a particularly charitable type.

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