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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big B Radio

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Big B Radio
My dear, when a member of the manufacturing classes attempts to buy respectability, who am I to say him nay? Ah, well, when you put it like that Online Radio You'd best warn the doctor that Online Radio that this is not the first time a complaint has been made. Oh? Well, you know I'm not one to speak out of turn. But if I insist? The board has been made aware of the doctor's more Online Radio unconventional activities. What she does behind closed doors is a matter entirely between herself and her maker. But sr22 insurance has heard rumours that she has been giving unChristian advice to some of the girls at the factory, and he will be reporting this to the board if you continue your absurd crusade. Not a threat to be taken lightly. It's upside down. Sorry? Other way, love. Oh, ta. Big B Radio Urn's boiling. Get a move on. Morning, Cec, Bert. Did Dot get off to work alright? Yeah, dropped her round the corner. Not a lot of workers take a taxi cab to work. She won't be in any sort of danger, will she, Miss? She's on a factfinding mission. Pure reconnaissance. I'm sure Dot is smart enough not to take unnecessary risks. Postie came earlier this morning. Mmhmm. Everything alright, Miss? Yes, of course. So why's our Miss Fisher getting letters from the City Gaol? Which machine was it? Where the woman died? You're writing a book, are you? Just curious. Next building. Poor girl. This place gives me the heebyjeebies. I heard the foreman found her, but what about all the women on the other machines? Couldn't they help her? There's the foreman. Why don't you ask him? That one's stewing. Start another pot. I'm going out for a puff. Excuse me, Doctor. Would you like a cuppa? Why not, Martha? You look like a 'black with lemon' kind of lady to me. How did you know? Thank you. Joyce! Joyce, we need a word. Where the hell is she now? She went downstairs, sir. Oh. Check in the powder room. I'll she if she's down in the loading bay. Right away, sir. Typical bloody woman. Excuse me, Big B Radio Where might I find Lorna Fulton? She's just over there with the red hair.

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