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Friday, November 1, 2013

Big R: 100.3 The Rock Mix

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Big R: 100.3 The Rock Mix
Poor girls can't earn enough from a decent day's wage, so they have to work half the night. But Big R: 100.3 The Rock Mix isn't doing this on her own. I saw the foreman handing out extra pay packets to one of the women. If her brother found about this little scheme, that could have been their motive to get rid of him. Well, whatever's going on, it's suspicious. Excellent work, Big R: 100.3 The Rock Mix Keep your eyes and ears open. And meanwhile, I think we should plan a latenight trip to the Gaskin factory. Say Online Radio ten o'clock? Miss, your aunt is here to see you. This is the limit, Phryne! I've reached the absolute bitter end of my patience. Good evening, Big R: 100.3 The Rock Mix With all due respect, for whatever feelings of loyalty you might still harbour for that woman, I wish to inform you that I can no longer protect your sr22 insurance. You've clearly heard about the death of sr22 insurance? The entire hospital board was convened for an emergency meeting! Joyce Gaskin was beside herself. She has insisted that sr22 insurance be removed from her position. On what grounds? On the grounds that she is suspected of murdering Roderick Gaskin. No, that's not true! Well, will you please explain to me why the police arrived at the hospital this evening and took her away? Took her away? It was that dour inspector you're so fond of. He marched her through the front door for anyone who wanted to watch. Jack, you can't be serious about this. Big R: 100.3 The Rock Mix was dead before he hit the ground. Heart attack induced by bleach poisoning. I don't understand. There was no bleach in his stomach. The only way it could have been administered is intravenously. They think I killed him. The Coroner suggests the amount of bleach, mixed with the digitalis, would have taken ten to fifteen minutes to take effect. Long enough for the Doctor to return to the hospital. We have to hold the doctor until we have contradictory evidence. What you don't have is motive. We know Gaskin threatened to make her life difficult with the hospital board. That's hardly enough for her to kill him. It's true that Gaskin disapproved of Mac's attitude, but so does half the world, the wrong half, if you ask me. And Mac's used to sailing close to the wind. She's the one who asked me to investigate Daisy's death.

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