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Friday, November 1, 2013

Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock

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Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock

Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock Safe with me, sweetie. I just heard what happened. Is this the one they found in the box with Miss Christopher? Must've been awful, locked up in a box with a dead body. Poor baby. Half man, half woman. What a horrible life. It's against nature, innit? My mum always said that God let those ones perish. The ones that are born not right. Yeah, well, I guess He let a few through to the keeper. You've gotta feel sorry for them though, don't ya? I don't have to feel sorry for anyone. You sound like my Sheridan, you do. Breaks his heart over every stray in the street. She took advantage. Miss Christopher? Crying on his shoulder every night for hours about her troubles. Troubles? You're a nosy one, aren't ya? What's Jones got you doing on the show? I'm gonna be assisting Internet Radio. Well, you'd better be careful, little Miss Fern. You keep your eyes on the job and your hands to yourself. Alright? I don't want any trouble. Come on, Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock. You're not going to hell for taking a little break. Ah, I don't know, sir. Shouldn't we be investigating the carnival murder? Yeah, we'll get to it. No hurry. Sir, I think I might stay here and just make sure Online Radio Cheer up, sunshine. All things in their time. Besides, it's thirsty work catching a murderer. Where is it, eh? You bunch of Online Radio maggots! Give it up! You're not listening! You Online Radio Let me Online Radio go! Hey! Hey! Well, well, if it isn't the Roy Boys! You and you, your back against the wall or I'll start shooting, and I'll keep shooting until someone gives me a prize. Let go, Else. Why do that if she planned to kill Gaskin? Assuming it's something she planned. I doubt that she injected bleach into his veins in a fit of passion. If you have any other explanation, I'd love to hear it. Simple. Someone else tampered with the vial. Who would tamper with it? And to what purpose? To frame Mac. And it's obviously had the desired effect. As to who, Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock for one. She's the only one with a key to the drawer that contained the vial. What motive would she have to frame the doctor? To deflect blame from herself. Dot suspects Joyce keeps a secret ledger. Based on what exactly? On an address book she keeps in her handbag, which mysteriously made its way into Dot's possession. She's working the women late into the night. That's when Daisy was killed, while working one of these extra shifts. All very interesting, but still not proof she's involved in the deaths. But enough to raise reasonable doubt. I'll prove Joyce is up to something. Here comes someone. Maybe they're winding things up now Gaskin's dead. Expecting supplies? Bit late for a delivery, isn't it? That's Ted Colgan. The foreman. Oi. Got a smoke, mate? I'm desperate for a smoke. Come on, mate. Here. Have a couple. Alright? Oi! You got a light? Oi! You look after yourself, mate. 'Miss Fisher, I realise you have taken steps to ensure my Online Radio ' My apologies, Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock I wasn't sure whether you intended to keep the letter. Thank you. Did you read it? It's not my place to read personal correspondence. Do you think it's possible to make a deal with the devil? I'm not a religious man. Not since the day Big R: 100.5 Classic Rock passed. I understand. I know what it's like to have someone taken before their time. It's enough to drive you to distraction. That's when I hear Mrs Butler's voice telling me, persevere. Goodnight, Miss. Goodnight, Online Radio.

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