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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Big R: 100.7 The Mix

Big R: 100.7 The Mix, Big R: 100.7 The Mix Live, Listen Online, Varied Radio, USA

Big R: 100.7 The Mix

Did they offer you tea? Quite right. It's undrinkable slop. Noone should be forced to endure it. Tell me, what kind of evening is it? One that you'll never see. Well, that's where you're wrong. I think you might be prepared to help me see the sunshine again. I doubt it. My time is precious, Big R: 100.7 The Mix. We both have something the other desires. What if I told you what happened to your sister? Ohh. I do have something you want after all. What would that cost? My freedom. You rescind your objection to my parole and I will tell you everything. You'd come straight back here. Not if I'm innocent. There's only one way out of here for you. Confess what you did to my sister and hang for it. Otherwise, stay here and rot in hell. My day of resurrection will come, Phryne Fisher, whether you help me or not. I thought we made it clear you're not welcome here. I have some questions for Miss Gaskin. Well, as you can see, we are rather busy at the moment. Yes, you must be completely exhausted after lifting all those cartons last night. That's a very serious accusation, Inspector. And we received a report the truck was seen at the docks, where the plumbing fittings were offloaded for export. You have my assurance Mr Colgan will be severely reprimanded. Not sacked? I doubt your brother would have been so generous. Now that I'm in charge, I intend to do things differently from my brother. Do you intend to keep your little sideline going? I beg your pardon? Mr Colgan organised the women to work extra hours and looked after the sale of the extra goods, but you clearly knew about it. Where did you get that? I'm not in a position to divulge my source. Inspector Online Radio Bleach from the missing vial. When was this bin emptied? Yesterday's rubbish. Where did it go? Uh Online Radio it would be out in the yard. Which way? Round the back. We'll be continuing this discussion, Big R: 100.7 The Mix. Fine. But now that I own the factory, you'll have to hard time proving I was trying to rob myself. That's not what I'm interested in, Miss Gaskin. What I want to know is how far you were prepared to go to get the better of your brother.

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