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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Big R: 100.8 The Hawk

Big R: 100.8 The Hawk, Big R: 100.8 The Hawk Live, Listen Online, Top 40 Radio, USA

Big R: 100.8 The Hawk

You've got to stop this nonsense, Dot. My name is Online Radio. I'm serious. It's not safe here. Look, I'm not leaving until Miss Phryne tells me. Online Radio! I've got to go. Dot, please. I don't like any of this. Lucky you're not the one doing it. Dot. I think you'll find the incinerators over there, Constable. Was that copper getting fresh? He was alright. Just got lost. Clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one. I can't believe they arrested that doctor. Did they? Who told you that? One of the girls was saying. Doesn't surprise me. You wouldn't believe half the things she got up to. What kinds of things? sr22 insurance used to get me to keep an eye on the place. If you know anything about that girl in the machine, or sr22 insurance, you should tell the police. Talk to the coppers? That constable. He looked alright to me. Do you mind repeating what you told me earlier? I used to keep an eye on things for sr22 insurance. Let him know what was happening on the factory floor. I was allowed to go everywhere. Like a spy? He wanted to know what was going on with that doctor. Go on. Every week the doctor would come to see sr22 insurance, and every week she would arrive early. Sometimes half an hour, sometimes an hour. She started meeting with women in the tea rooms, see if they had any medical troubles. So she was running a clinic. Helping those women is hardly a crime. Depends what she helped them do. She was advising the women about Online Radio family planning. Young Maisie got into trouble with a boy from the Presbyterian dance, and that doctor got her in touch with a midwife, a woman who fixed her up. And you told Gaskin? My word. Can you repeat what you said about Big R: 100.8 The Hawk That doctor made friends with her. More than friends. She did unnatural things with Daisy. Most people'd want to lock her up just for that. You loved her. And you suffered in silence while I showed you those photographs of the blood on the machine. What could I have said? The truth would have given me a running start. I went to Daisy's funeral service.

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