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Monday, November 4, 2013

Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix

Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix, Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix Live, Listen Online, 80s,90s, USA

Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix

Looks like the Pyramids, eh, Cec? Where we camped the horses. Yeah, Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix, in the desert. Great place to kick a footy. Or set up an archaeological dig. Who are the others? They're all younger than Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix. Perhaps students. He lectured in the Department of Antiquities before the war. So you reckon this Foyle joker left it on purpose? He's baiting me, Burt. Catch me if you can. Same reason he left that card in the back of your cab. Dot, go back to the shop, and do an inventory of everything in the cabinet that was ransacked. It may throw up some clues as to what Foyle was after. Of course. One of you go with her. Righto. Foyle wouldn't be foolish enough to return there, but I don't want Dot left alone. Besides Online Radio you may need to break in. I don't know how you managed to bypass the reception desk again, Miss Fisher, but I am quite happy to have you forcibly removed. Who will you call? The police? Ah, look who's here. Miss Fisher. Hello, Jack. I tried to take a nap but wild horses couldn't make me. And I've explained to Miss Fisher that she has no right to be here. In that case, I deem Miss Fisher my honorary constable. I've taken a closer look at the cuts around the nostrils. They seem to have been made by some kind of an instrument. What kind of instrument? May I say something? No. It's hard to say at this stage, but it wasn't a conventional knife. But I came across some new evidence. How? After you left. It was stuck in the side door. According to Dr Mac, it's an Egyptian Online Radio It's an embalming tool, for removing vital organs. Like the brain. Well, we don't examine the brain unless we have good reason. How about to check if it's missing? Crack open Albert Monkton's skull, please, Big R: 80s & 90s Pop Mix. We'll wait. Something's missing. 'Silver stirrup Ring, in the reign of King Memses Dynasty Five, BC.' Nothing. Show me. There's a note. 'My darling Vera, me and the blokes found this treasure in a tomb near the Valley of the Kings. It's precious and beautiful like you are. Keep it safe and I'll come home to you soon. All my love, your Cedric.' . Must've been a digger.

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