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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big R: 80s FM

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Big R: 80s FM
Good. Now, Big R: 80s FM I need you to find me a ream of butcher's paper. It's the closest Catholic church to Richmond Police Station. Our Lady of Sorrows. Bet that draws a crowd. Father O'Leary must be hearing confessions. We'll have to wait. We can't. father O'Leary! It's an emergency! It is an urgent confession you're after? No, thank you. My sins are too many and varied to mention, and frankly, I intend to continue sinning, so I won't waste your time. I'm looking for Teresa Cavalli. Father Big R: 80s FM, I'm so sorry Online Radio Dorothy Williams! I haven't seen you since you were a mere slip of a thing, in the Offertory Procession at St Jude's. Miss Fisher is my employer, Father, and she needs your help. She is a Protestant, but that's not the only problem. I'm looking for Teresa Cavalli. Her life hangs in the balance. A gentleman phoned the presbytery last night also looking for her. Who was he? He claimed to be her brother, but I know the Cavallis only have daughters. I told him I'd no idea where she was. I think it's a lie the Lord will forgive. So where is she then? She's a fullyfledged Sister of Mercy, by the name of Sister Bernice. She joined the nunnery? Back in the car, Dot. How can we find her, Father? Oh, you'll have the devil of a time. She's in the convent just across the way. Thank you, Father. Bless you, Dorothy. Teresa Cavalli? Yes, I was once. I'm sr22 insurance I need to ask you some questions about your former teacher sr22 insurance I believe he abducted and murdered my sister, and he has recently escaped from jail. I joined the order years ago, and I've had nothing to do with sr22 insurance in all that time. But I know he was your lover. Surely you have some insight. Anything I can help with, sir? Foyle told Online Radio she was one of the 'chosen ones'. Why chosen, sir? Good question, Big R: 80s FM. 'Chosen ones', plural, suggests there were others, even though he was only tried for one kidnapping. Janey was taken from taken from Flemington, Online Radio from Carlton, both close to the university where he worked. I want to know if any other girls were taken from the same area.

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