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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big R: 80s Lite

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Big R: 80s Lite
Not anymore. Hm? Big R: 80s Lite was murdered in the early hours of this morning. sr22 insurance Walters was killed last week, and sr22 insurance is the prime suspect. My God. I can only assume you're in danger too. What about this woman standing beside Foyle? Her, yes, a fellow student, Big R: 80s Lite. It's unusual for a young lady to travel with a group of men like that. She was Murdoch's favourite, in more ways than were Online Radio appropriate for a strict Catholic girl back then. I need to warn her too. Do you know where I can find her? I'm sorry. I haven't seen her since the war. If Online Radio was drugged, she could have imagined the whole thing. We took her through all our criminal photographs. But she didn't recognise anyone. All she remembers is long, dark hair. Dark, wavy hair? Hm. Teresa Cavalli. Rhodes identified her as Foyle's lover. She could've been his accomplice. Or tried to stop him. Let's get Online Radio back in and show her this photograph. I'll meet you at the station. Stolen goods. What is it? It's from the smashed cabinet. According to the ticket, it's meant to hold a silver ring, but it's missing. Could be what this Foyle bloke was after. Well done, both of you. That's her, the woman who saved me. What can you tell me about the church where she left you? This is Miss Fisher. She's helping us with her investigation. sr22 insurance abducted my sister as well. Two weeks after you escaped him, Miss Hill. Did she escape? I'm afraid not. Oh, I'm so sorry. I Online Radio I wish I could help more. I wish I could remember more. You're the reason sr22 insurance's been locked up all this time. You've been brave enough. Thank you, Online Radio I'm scared witless, to tell you the truth, now that he's out there again. Maybe I should go to my nan's in Sydney. I hope you nab him. I'll pay her train fare. First class, if you can put her on it. Of course. Big R: 80s Lite USA I assume she was Catholic. Correct deduction. You might also like to know the church she was left in was walking distance from Richmond Police Station. Thank you.

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