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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big R: 90s Alternative Rock

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Big R: 90s Alternative Rock

No. Internet Radio Where's Jane? I want more cars out there. The man's a lunatic. I don't care what you have to do to stop him. Whatever he used onOnline Radio and Waters, it must've been the same drug. It completely paralyses within five minutes! You said it was the milk? It must've been! He must have tampered with the bottles after they were delivered this morning. Alright. Let's go through the facts calmly. How can I be calm when the fact is, we haven't the faintest idea where Big R: 90s Alternative Rock taken her! Inspector. I've just had a call from Our Online Radio. Dear Lord, who could have done such a thing? What has he done to her? And what are his plans for Big R: 90s Alternative Rock. These are all the girls, including Online Radio and Janey, who disappeared in the area around the university over the three years Foyle was teaching there. The four goddesses. Foyle believed he needed four goddesses to protect his journey to the afterlife. I'm struggling to make any similarities. Their paths never crossed, their ages varied, different social classes, different circumstances. Birthday. Why is this written here? He told Online Radio his daughter's birthday was close to hers. Of course he doesn't have a daughter. But Foyle's own birthday was the same day as Online Radio, the st day of Proyet. What is that? Murdoch's date of birth was the December . What about these other girls? What are their birthdates? Joan Rosen, December . Online Radio, December . Iris Fulton, December . If you add your sister's name, he already has his four goddesses. But my sister's birthday wasn't December. It was September. What? I thought Online Radio My father was drunk when he registered Janey's birth, and he put the wrong date on the certificate. It should have been me Big R: 90s Alternative Rock took instead of Janey. It's my birthday, Big R: 90s Alternative Rock Midsummer's Eve, same as the others. I'm Online Radio fourth goddess. That's why he's after me. So all he needs now for his ascension into the afterlife is you. And the ring. What ring? A silver stirrup ring. It belonged to Online Radio. But Online Radio gave it to me. More evidence? I took it to Prof Rhodes at the university.

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