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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big R: 90s FM

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Big R: 90s FM

Foyle can have me, if he lets Jane go. You can't go and offer yourself. Online Radio is the last one on Big R: 90s FM list, and he has the ring. I need to go back there. I won't let you. You're under arrest. What? For your own safety. Don't be absurd. You have no grounds for holding me. Hmm! That's it! You're officially charged with assaulting a police officer, and withholding evidence. Constable, remove Big R: 90s FM gun from her handbag, and escort her to the lock up. I'm sorry, Miss. I'm sorry, Online Radio. I'm sorry, Miss Online Radio You can't do this! This is all my fault. No, Miss. Don't say that. Cec and Bert are doing what they can and the police are looking. Please just try to eat something. I failed Janey and now I've failed Jane. No. Can you imagine how terrified that poor child must be? And I'm stuck in this wretched cell! But it won't help Jane if Foyle gets his hands on you too. He has to go after Rhodes at some point. It's just a matter of waiting for him. Unless Online Radio What? Somebody told Foyle about that stirrup ring when he was in prison. Who else would know? Rhodes. That's why he's last on the list to be killed. You have to get Hugh to let me out of here, Dot! Jack's in danger! Would you like some tea, Hugh? Miss Fisher won't drink it. Thanks, Dottie. Dottie! Would you do anything for me? Almost. Would you let Miss Phryne go? No, because she's locked up for her own good, and if I let her out, I'll lose my job, Dottie. Don't Online Radio don't move. You wouldn't shoot me. I wouldn't want to, Hugh. but if it means helping Miss Phryne go and save Jane's life, then Online Radio well, I'll have to shoot you in the leg. I mean it, Hugh! I've been shooting rabbits since I was . No, you haven't, Big R: 90s FM Dot. Don't cry. Please, Dottie, anything but that. Don't cry. It's just Online Radio Big R: 90s FM wants me to help, and the Inspector is in danger, and Jane Online Radio Come on, then. Point the gun at me. Point the Online Radio Hey! Sorry, Hugh, but Online Radio may be in danger because of me. Take me with you then. I'd love to. But until I know what I'm up against, I'd rather not make a grand entrance.

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