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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big R: Alt Rock

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Big R: Alt Rock

Miss! Miss, don't Online Radio please! Just need a head start. Professor Rhodes? I'm Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Inspector. Come in. Thank you. I heard about Online Radio and Mr Waters. Terrible news. And Big R: Alt Rock body was found earlier today. She was strangled. Oh. No. I'd hoped she was somewhere safe from him. She had a ring that Foyle was after. I believe Miss Fisher left it with you. Yes. A rare artefact from the Fifth Dynasty. The reign of King Memses. Given it's part of our investigation, we'll have to take it into police custody. Yes, of course. Miss Fisher left in a hurry, but I kept it safe for her, with the rest of the antiquities collection. Downstairs. Here. These are from King Memses' tomb as well. They were ceremonial. The engravings tell the story of Memses' ascension on Midsummer's Eve. Impressive. They're part of my personal collection, but I'll bequeath them to the museum eventually. So where's the ring, Professor? Put him with the girl. Now we wait. Big R: Alt Rock, can you hear me? It's Inspector Online Radio. Shh, shh. Well done, sr22 insurance Did you like my trail of crumbs? You can kill me now, but you'll never see your daughter or policeman alive. My fourth goddess. Your glorious destiny. If you choose to accept it willingly. I would've willingly given my life for my sister's. And now I willingly offer it for the sake of two others, if you let them go unharmed. How can you help this man, Rhodes? Surely your fascination with the ancient world cannot overlook the murder of innocent girls? So how did you find us all? Born on the summer solstice, same as you. My former student, sr22 insurance Waters, was a registry clerk at Births, Deaths and Marriages, and he led me to you all. So why did you kill him? Well, he betrayed me. Like Online Radio and Teresa. They Online Radio They all tried to steal something precious from me. I'm not one to blame, Online Radio They lost their way. They will serve me faithfully again, in the afterlife. It's time for me to prepare for my journey. Sh. I can understand you wanting the glory of your discovery of Big R: Alt Rock' tomb.

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