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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big R: Christian Hits

Big R: Christian Hits, Big R: Christian Hits Radio Live, Christian, USA

Big R: Christian Hits

He'll claim the discovery of King Memses' tomb for his own glory. Give me the gun. None of it's true. I know, because the plan was always that you would precede me to the afterlife for your own loyalty. Give me the gun. Online Radio Wait here. Big R: Christian Hits but Online Radio but you came willingly! I came willingly to find out what happened to my sister. And to rescue Big R: Christian Hits. I didn't come for you. I only tried to lead the way. You led the way to hell. Please! No. You're not headed for eternal life. You're going back to jail so you can hang. Oh, Jane. I'm so sorry. Phryne. So if that's a true statement of events as you recall them Online Radio Aunt Prudence has organised for my sister to be buried in the family plot. Janey died instead of me. So you owe it to her to keep living to the hilt. Not that I noticed you wasting a moment. Excuse me. They're asking for you, Online Radio My birthday party. Summer solstice. Help me to celebrate. More champagne, Online Radio He spoke with an Irish accent. He wore red braces, expensive shirt. He said that he was a colleague. And there was a red car parked round the back. You never mentioned that. Just assumed it was hers. Do you think there's some kind of Irish connection? Provos, maybe? What I think is my business. Is that it? On you go. Is there something else? One para for four nights in a call car, Meehan? You driving round with your eyes shut? If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. But it did happen, didn't it? A good oldfashioned murder and you missed it! There's a, erm, a miners' strike on, as well, just in case you haven't noticed? Is there? Is there really? If you want to make yourself useful, at least bend over and give the sideliners somewhere to stick their pens. Just so you know, Online Radio from the press bar is telling everybody that you've got a dick like a cocktail stick. Jesus wept. What's the score? Something happen? What's up? They've sold the paper. I knew this would happen. They'll use this to crack the unions wide open. The negotiations have been going on for some time. They just, erm... Forgot to tell us. Who's the new owner? Big R: Christian Hits International. They took over The Examiner in Manchester started editing on computers, printing up offsite at a fraction of the cost. Holy shit. Printing in colour. Colour? Online Radio Typing through three sheets and two carbons it's a dying skill, boys. Just as well you could never do that. That's cos his finger was always up his arse. Aye, keep laughing all the way to the dole queue! Maybe it's not all doom and gloom. Yeah, well, you're about to find out. Hey, the new editorinchief is on his way up the stairs! Name's Piano Keyboards. So I want everyone in here, including secretarial.

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