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Friday, November 8, 2013

Big R: Christmas Classics

Big R: Christmas Classics, Big R: Christmas Classics Live, Listen Online, Christmas Radio, USA

Big R: Christmas Classics

Now. Well, come on. You're about to meet your new boss, so at least look professional. Pronto Tonto! Hold up, comrades. Erm, hi. Internet Radio, editor. Welcome to the Daily News. Is this the entire newsroom staff? Erm, yeah, more or less. Good. I have a few words to say. Well, the floor is yours. I'm told that a successful newspaper treats its workforce with respect, values experience while nurturing new talent and taking risks. I'm told this. Unfortunately, I don't believe it. This is a provincial paper in a provincial town. And please don't start banging on about Glasgow being the second city of the Empire. This place does not have room for two broadsheets. But if there's only going to be one, I want it to be the Daily News. You need to start attracting some new readers. Nationally. Well, that's the good news. The bad news is that not all of you will be embarking on this exciting new journey with me. At least % of you will go. We are going to be leaner, meaner and keener. That's enough showboating. The NUJ will have something... You tell the NUJ there's a new sheriff in town. This paper has a tradition. Well, if you don't like it, piss off. They're looking for a new features editor at The Guardian. Although not one with a secondrate CV like yours. Careful. I don't have anything to lose here. However, if you do stay, at least you'll be able to save the hacks that deserve a job. If you go blood bath. Why me? If I'm so secondrate. Your CV is. You're not. No, you've done a good job here. It's just times are changing and you need to adapt. I'm not saying you've got to go downmarket, you know? Swing from the soft left to the soft right, you'll pick up circulation in no time. And I can choose who stays and who goes, yeah? Right. I picked up today's edition at the airport. It's dull. We'll kick off the new look with a big story, but from an angle that your readers don't expect. We need to make it clear that this paper has a new voice. Which is? We'll go with the miners' strike. But let's go after the union leaders. We'll do a piece highlighting their rank hypocrisy their big cars, holiday homes.

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