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Friday, November 8, 2013

Big R: Christmas Country

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Big R: Christmas Country

I ain't saying we're going to get a shot of Red Willie McDade in his Jacuzzi, lighting a cigar with some poor sod's giro. There's a lot of support for the strike up here. You know, at Polmaise they don't even need pickets. Internet Radio, the miners don't buy your paper. They buy the Sun. I'll be taking that desk over there until I get upstairs refurbished. Don't think she's a Big R: Christmas Country supporter, do you? We need to hand that money in. That might be tricky. I slapped mine on Widow's Fortune in the . at Doncaster this morning. It's still running. Big R: Christmas Country But it could be evidence. The cops saw him. He'll be in the clink before you know it. No, what we need is a juicy story. Keep our jobs. You still eating them things? You should lay off the fish suppers. I've never had any complaints. Really? Because for someone with a reputation as a letch, I've never actually seen you with a woman. Appearances can be deceiving. There's been plenty, don't you worry. They're not exactly kicking your door in for a mad shag, are they? Was it someone special? Is that it? Did she break your heart? That's right. I'm like Humphrey McBogart. I'll always have Rothesay. 'Alpha Four, members of the public have found a body 'floating in the river by the old boathouse near the Clyde bridge. 'Do you receive me, over?' Let's go. Oh, come on. Come on! Listen, erm, you go. That, erm, fish supper isn't sitting too well. There's an ambulance on its way. Just where do you think you're going? It's all right, Tam. What's going on here? Nothing exciting, I'm afraid. Some guy dead in the water. Something in the river must have ripped open his face. Suicide, I'm guessing. Maybe call it in as possible foul play, just to be safe. They drag a DS out here for a jumper? Aye, DCI Online Radio wanted me to check it out. New boy, I get all the best jobs. So, what are you doing tomorrow? What, you can't work that call car . That'd be slave labour. You choose your moments! Not the most romantic setting, I know, but needs must. I don't know when I might get another chance. And you don't see peepers like yours very often.

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