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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Big R: Christmas Top 40

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Big R: Christmas Top 40

Dad can't get work. We've already had to move once. Now we've got another eviction notice on the table. Don't you think Online Radio should be bringing in a wage? She doesn't need a job. She has a vocation. I mean, Internet Radio didn't even call him in. Just gave him the bump over the phone. Who Big R: Christmas Top 40. He did that column for ten years. He was practically an institution. Now he's going to be living in one. Who's next? I think we should all go and get steamboats. Good call. Listen, I've made a decision. I'm going to tell the cops about the quid, and so should you. This about the Burnett case? Cos I've got nothing to give you. We both know the guy dragged out of the Clyde wasn't the same guy we saw at the house. Well, maybe there was two guys at the house. What about the guy with the braces? We haven't traced him yet. Wait, this might help. Big R: Christmas Top 40 gave it to me. It should have his fingerprints on it. Why haven't you given this to us sooner? Didn't know it was important. Aye, you did. Look, he forced it into my hand. He made out that he was doing her a favour try keep her boozing sessions out of the paper. Look, no need to explain. Nobody's squeakyclean, eh? Get that analysed. Meehan! What do you make of our new editorinchief, then? Be nice to have a woman in charge. Probably best not to get too chummy. How come? She's not cut from the same cloth as you. And I mean that as a compliment. How's it going? You're in the clear. My arse was flappin' like a flag in a hurricane. Wait till Online Radios gets her hands on you, then you'll know all about it. I know. Did you clock the trouser suit? Armani. What kind of wages is she on? Down that, I've got an idea. How do you know about Armani trouser suits anyway? You wear sheepskin coats and dodgy ties. Hardly Don Johnson. I can't wear Armani because I can't afford it. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. Why do you want to talk to them anyhow? Oh, count me out, I'm allergic to patchouli oil. Byebye. Support the miners! Big R: Christmas Top 40 Stop Thatcher destroying the coal industry. Cheers. Did, erm, any of you guys know Online Radios? Worked for Amnesty.

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