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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Big R: Classic R&B

Big R: Classic R&B, Big R: Classic R&B Live, Listen Online, Christmas Radio, USA

Big R: Classic R&B

Big R: Classic R&B Supported the cause. Who wants to know? Daily News. Support the miners! Thatcher out! If you knew him, talk to me. I'm on your side. He was in the student union a few days ago. He seemed fine. Where did he usually work? Easterhouse Law Centre. His suicide couldn't have anything to do with the Online Radio murder, could it? I don't know. They used to be an item, so I heard. When was that? Years ago. At university. Before he married. He finished it, I think. Didn't stop his wife being jealous, though. Him and Vhari had been working for the NUM trying to find ways to stop the Government confiscating their cash. Don't think she liked it. Erm, what was his wife's name? Internet Radio. She was always going on at him to give up his work for Amnesty. Get on in the world. Bit of a trueblue Tory by the sounds of things. The police think he piano Vhari, don't they? I don't think they know what happened. He didn't. He got out of breath climbing up a flight of stairs. Honestly, he was emotionally and physically incapable of doing that to anyone. Thank you. Get your old man balls off that chair. This is my desk. This has always been my desk. We need it for training. We do "A Week In The Life Of A Big R: Classic R&B's Wife"... The strike through her eyes. Food parcels. No Christmas pressies. Scabs. Families torn apart. Then we do a breakdown of what's in an average food parcel. Who gives and who doesn't? No. We're going with a different angle. Is the food poisoned? Are they stealing it from one another? I don't want solidarity, I want dirt. The NUM's money's being sequestered. They can't put it in banks. Red Willie's moving his money around in suitcases so the Government can't get their hands on it. You find out exactly where that money's going. And if you can't, just make up some lessthanflattering theories about what they're doing with it. Big R: Classic R&B Go on. Online Radio wants to see you. We got a set of prints off your quid. I'd better go. Lafferty. You ever heard of him? I know the name. You should. He's one of the ranking gangsters in the city.

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