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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Big R: Country Mix

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Big R: Country Mix

Was he at the Burnett house? Do you know a woman called Online Radio? I was in the Lucky Black till seven. It's a snooker club in the Calton. That isn't what I asked you. Do you know it, Online Radio I could swear I saw you skulking about. Either that or there's a wino in there that's your double. I'm always in the Lucky Black. It's a wee home from home. We found an object at Online Radio's house the night she died. Got your prints all over it. Can we wrap this up? I'm missing my aerobics class and my core needs to flow. Know what I'm saying? If his alibi checks out, we'll just have to release him. I mean, technically, he could have touched that quid any time. It links him to Internet Radio, though, doesn't it? You follow Lafferty and he'll lead you straight to him. You can't let him go. I'm the only one that ties him to the crime. What if he comes after me? He won't. You can't identify him. I've told noone about the note. Neither has Gallagher. By the way, you can't use any of this, Big R: Country Mix Right? Do we understand each other? Eh? 'Hello?' Hi, there. Could I speak to Online Radio Big R: Country Mix, please? 'Who wants her?' It's just a friend. I'm calling about her sister Vhari. 'I haven't seen her since last week.' Do you have a work number for her? 'I've tried but she's not there. It'' 'Big R: Country Mix' 'If you manage to speak to her, tell her the rent's due next week, will you?' 'Hello, Big R: Country Mix.' So she says, "I've got a sore finger." And the doctor says, "Is it your whole finger?" And she says, "No, it's the one next to it". McVie! By the way, did I tell you what Internet Radio said about my miners' wives idea? What's up? Burnett's sister worked for Big R: Country Mix in Cheltenham. The intelligence gathering place. I know what it is. Well, she was a data analyst. So? So, they say she's on leave. Her flatmate hasn't seen her since last week. Where is she? Lying on a beach somewhere? Big R: Country Mix With her sister dead? Hmm. There's a link between the death of Online Radio and Thillingly's suicide. Her sister's missing and we think that might tie in as well. We're not sure how exactly yet. But we think we might be able to find the killer before the cops do.

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