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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Big R: Country Oldies

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Big R: Country Oldies

Big R: Country Oldies And then what? Cos we can't print it. And why not? Cos we could prejudice the trial. If you're sure you know who the killer is, I say print it. We'll just call their bluff. We'll tell them sue or be damned. What if we're culpable for getting a killer off on a technicality? It's not our problem. Listen, the Daily News catches the killer of some goodytwoshoes lawyer, that's fantastic! And if they can throw in some kinky Online Radio that's even better. Well, we'll see what we can do. It's a bit of a crush in the back of that call car... Well, I think it is our problem. We're not above the law. There's such a thing as ethics. That's right, yep, it's one of the home counties. Follow it up. We'll decide when to print when we see what you've got. And you're still on the call car, so do it between shifts. You two look happy. Take it you never got your P, then? Mmhm. You like the little brunette, don't you? Is she your pet project? Online Radio Meehan, girl reporter? You got a problem with that? I thought she'd remind you of you... all those years ago. When you were her age. You screwed her yet? Why not? Is she not your type? What is? Not you. Yeah, don't flatter yourself. Fancy a drink? Yeah, OK. So I checked the clippings library. You've written some interesting stuff. The Baby Brian case. That shows a ruthless streak, which is what you need, cos, trust me, Online Radio, if we didn't have tits, they'd hunt us. I do want to give you one little bit of advice, though. Don't get involved with Internet Radio. I wasn't planning to. You might not be, but he is. It's not like that. It's always like that. You see him as a father figure, right? Well, I'm telling you, that's not how he sees himself. And the cards are all in his favour. Trust me, been there. You have? Big R: Country Oldies I was just like you. I was hungry, I was ambitious. I was going to change the world. And I had an affair with the deputy editor, and when it all went wrong, the newsroom turned on me. I was out that door. They'd been looking for an excuse to drag me down to their level and I gave it to them. It didn't do you any harm in the long run, though, did it? Look at you now.

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