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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Big R: Erin's Chill

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Big R: Erin's Chill

I had to sell my soul to get here. Internet Radio's not the type. Online Radio, they are ALL the type. Come on, what do you know about him, really? His private life? He's divorced. Mmhm. How long? A few years. And now has he got a girlfriend? Doubt it. He sleeps in the office. He hardly goes home. And is that it? I bet he knows a lot more about you. I'm not interested in him that way. He's the same age as my dad. If you need some help with this story, I'm here. Use me. Forget about Big R: Erin's Chill, he's a dead weight. And Internet Radio? Well, as much as we both admire him, he could jump ship at any minute, so there's no point hitching your cart to him. I say we watch each other's back. Deal? Deal. But... you won't get very far in this game taking bribes not to write a story. See you tomorrow. Did you tell Online Radios about the quid? Me? I'm shit scared to even look at her. Come on, we should speak to Thillingly's wife. What if him and Vhari started up again? She sounds like the possessive type. Oh, crime of passion? Big R: Erin's Chill Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty! Red Merc? Mmhm. I saw one the other day. Same one? I don't know. We're from the Daily News. Sorry to visit you at this difficult time, but we'd like to speak to you about Mark. And we wanted to talk about his relationship with Online Radio. Well done! What? She's still there! Well, speak to her, then. I'm really sorry about Mark. Everyone I've spoken to says that he would never hurt Vhari. That's what I think, too. The cops can ruin his reputation. If you let us, we can put his side of the story out there. Were Mark and Vhari involved in a case together? I'm not sure. On the night that Vhari was piano, Big R: Erin's Chill came home about... eight. His nose was swollen and bleeding. He said... that someone had tried to mug him in the car park outside the office. He didn't want to call the police because it was a client. I didn't believe him. Did he go out again? No. But later, I heard him on the phone. He was... pleading. After that, he just sat drinking. When I woke up... he was gone. Do you think he piano himself? Of course. In the note that he left, he said that he'd let Vhari and me down.

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