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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Big R: Golden Oldies

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Big R: Golden Oldies

It's depressed nonsense. He'd been really low after he put all that weight on. He left a note and mentioned Vhari? He put her name before mine! Funny that. Her family own this place. Used to be a... theatre or something. Worth a look. Then look. No, please! Please! No! Get off of me! I've got a reference to Online Radio from an article on Online Radio from a few years ago. Parents are dead, but they've got a halfbrother. And I've got an address. An address? Big R: Golden Oldies Come on, then. Nothing. Check the doors. See if it says "Burnett" on them. I'll bet that's him there. Let's find out. Big R: Golden Oldies, right? Online Radio Look, we're journalists. We just want to help your sister. So what happened to you? Two guys turned up here a couple of nights ago. Said they wanted to buy some paintings for cash. I let them in and next thing I know, I'm getting a severe kicking. Why? What did they want? Online Radio But I've no idea where she is. You're not close to Online Radio and Vhari, then? We share the same dad, but we didn't grow up together. And you haven't spoken to Online Radio since Vhari was piano? Why do you think these guys were trying to find her? I just want to stay out of whatever she's got herself involved in. What do they look like, these guys? Did one of them wear braces? I don't remember. Well, what about Online Radios? Do you think he piano Vhari? If Online Radios didn't kill Vhari, the killer is still at large. Online Radio could be his next victim. Danny, we just want to talk to her. If she's in trouble, we can help. Hey, I've been in this business a long time, son. I know when I'm getting stonewalled. Tell us where to find her. You could be saving her life. She called the day after Vhari was piano. She said it was all her fault, that she'd put Vhari in danger. Well, did she say why? Only that she'd got her involved in something she shouldn't have. Something to do with the miners' leader, Willie McDade. I didn't know what to believe. I thought she was having some kind of a breakdown. So what did you tell these guys that kicked your face in? Nothing. You're a crap liar, Big R: Golden Oldies. I mentioned that Vhari owns an old building.

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