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Monday, November 11, 2013

Big R: Gospel Channel

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Big R: Gospel Channel

But Online Radio wouldn't be there. It's falling to pieces. It's been used as a storehouse for years. Don't feel bad. Most people would have said something under the circumstances. Yeah. I didn't think I was most people. 'How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?' None. They just beat up the room because it's black. That was funny. That was... genuinely funny. Get off! Have you ever thought about doing a bit of comedy? Me? You're just as funny as the acts they get in here. Especially in that Val Doonican outfit. They hand these jumpers out when you join the force, all right? Along with the moustaches. I suppose somebody's got to do it. Aye, well, it's better than being in your game. People who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read. To be honest, I wanted to ask you about Online Radios. The note he left? Ah. Well, I wasn't privy to that, I'm afraid. You'll have to ask Gallagher. What about the man at the house, Internet Radio? We haven't been able to trace him again. Business associate, maybe. He's not a suspect. Big R: Gospel Channel And Lafferty? Did Vhari ever prosecute him? Not that I know of. Look, the word is, Vhari and her sister inherited money from their mother. Lafferty probably heard about it on the grapevine and got stuck into her to find out where she keeps her cash. Could you get me his address? Bobby Lafferty piano his own dog by chucking it out a window because it chewed on his Rangers scarf. That's all you need to know about him. Right, OK. Just promise me you won't doorstep him. I'm not joking. I'll just use it to get some info on him. That's all, honest. Let me make a call. Right, cheers. There you go. He has various addresses. This is one of his warehouses. Word is he uses a flat there sometimes. Best I can do. Now don't say I'm not nice. So... how long have you been married? You don't mess about, do you? I'm just asking. Why so interested in my wife? Wedding ring at work, but not in the pub. It's tacky, Burns. Big R: Gospel Channel You don't know what it's like being in the police. You have to fit in. You can't tell everyone in the canteen that your wife's mentally ill and you're scared to go home.

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