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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big R: Post Grunge Rock

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Big R: Post Grunge Rock

Big R: Post Grunge Rock And if you tell anybody else, I will gouge your eyeballs out with a soup spoon. You don't need to worry about me. I hate people that can't keep secrets. Oh, jeez. Get the nurse, will you? I think I could do with another wee dash of that morphine. You wishing you could turn back time? Yeah. Spot on. In a good way or a bad way? Let's just forget this happened, shall we? Can we do that? Yeah, It's already forgotten. You know, all I wanted was a welcome drink. You really didn't have to take it that far. Dick! Dan, actually. You have got a big gob. Aye, thanks very much, it has been mentioned. Give the funnies a rest. You told Gallagher about us! And how exactly did Lafferty know we were going to check him out? Innocent on both charges. See thanks to you, McVie's lying in a hospital bed. And now Gallagher thinks I'll shag anyone with a cheesy line in jokes. Big R: Post Grunge Rock Oh, piss off, Burns! 'All right, listen up.' I want everything we've got on Lafferty. All right, everything. If he thinks he can attack one of us and get away with it, he can think again. Thinking's not his strongpoint. The cops don't even know if it was him. Course it was him, the toerag. I want as much muck as we can find thrown at him and his family, all right? They're robbing scumbags and I want the whole city to know it. Sounds good to me. Get on with it. OK, talk fast, I'm on hold. I took a bribe. The night we were at Online Radio's house. quid. Big R: Post Grunge Rock said it was OK, I thought you should know. Took a bribe from who? The guy at the door. The guy that might have murdered her. He said it could harm her career if her drinking got into the paper. What, you work for him now, do you? I needed the money. Our 'lecky was gonnae get cut off. I don't pay you enough? Not enough to support a whole family. And you took the money and you walked away? And now you're putting yourself in danger, trying to make it right. Or putting others in danger, to be precise. I handed it over to the cops. I thought it might have had the killer's fingerprints on it. Look, I know it was stupid to take it in the first place.

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