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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big R: R&B

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Big R: R&B

I couldn't hate myself any more. It's not the reason that I became a journalist. Yeah, well, you know what? You're not the first journalist to get a sore arse from sitting on their scruples. Thing is, Online Radios knew about it the quid. She must have a contact in the cop shop. It's Gallagher. I saw them, together. She's a fast mover, eh? The thing is, you and I are going to have to cover our backs when it comes to Miss Online Radios. OK? Is that a deal? If you say so. Get some rest, you look knackered. Hey, and no more backhanders, you understand? That can never happen again. Yeah. How's Big R: R&B He's OK. Whose idea was it to stake out the biggest psycho in the city, anyway? No, wait, don't tell me you. See, if you ask me, I think you'd be better sticking to the knitting supplement. Well, nobody did ask you, because nobody gives a toss what you think. Hey, get off. I'm impressed by the loyalty that Internet Radio shows his staff. This McVie incident, he's taken it personally, hasn't he? The press can't be intimidated by thugs. Not unless they own the paper. Keep that up and you're out the door. I can't keep pulling it out of the bag. It's always on my shoulders, in the end. I mean, what choice do you have? Well we're no starving yet, are we? Aye, well, we're not far from it. What's up? You sure you want to keep these cords? They've seen better days. They're looking for scabs to break the strike. Want to bus folk into Fife. Your mother thinks I should go. A scab? Are you serious? Don't start getting all romantic about the working class. Leave that to the posh folk. The union doesn't make the rules. I can't do it. It goes against everything I believe. And what's that, exactly? No. No, no. No, tell me, I'm fascinated. What do you believe in, Big R: R&B Letting other people suffer because of your principles? Well, I believe in having a roof over me head and I believe in making sure that there's food on the table for me children! I'd rather beg. Well, I've never accepted charity and I'm not going to start now. You can't ask him to do this. He'll be despised. Well, there's worse things.

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