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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big R: Rock Top 40

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Big R: Rock Top 40

Don't do it, Big R: Rock Top 40 Please. Why did you say that to him? It is none of your business. If we don't stick together, then we're nothing. Oh, is that right, Comrade Online Radio? Well, I don't see you doing much to help others. Stay out of this. No. When you're in my house, my rules. Well, maybe I shouldn't be in your house. Meaning? Meaning, maybe it's time I got my own flat. Well, if that's the way you feel, maybe you should. No! Come here. You're going nowhere. Please. You don't have to do this. Please. So, did you have any other valuables taken? I did, yeah. I had a watch, my wallet... OK, well, if you do notice anything... Don't touch anything. Place was broken into last night. Cops are checking for prints. Junkies, probably. What was the night editor doing? Sleeping, naturally. That the cop you were shagging? You fell for the mad wife in the attic routine, then? Aye, apparently he's famous for it. Of course. the violin lessons are completely banjoed. Not the only thing you'll not be able to do. Meehan'll help you out. What are you doing here? Er, well I didnae want to lie in a hospital bed when we had a story to finish. Hey, I'm absolutely fine. Totally compos mentis. Just don't expect me to clap along to anything. Listen, er, thanks very much for not mentioning Online Radio to that lot. And I won't, but you can't live a double life. Well that's easy for you to say, you don't come from Big R: Rock Top 40. Right, what have we got? The cops believe that Thillingly piano Online Radio, then topped himself. Why do we think different? He's not the type. We need more on Thillingly, just in case he did it. That's a doublepage spread, easy. Are you missing something? Somebody sent me a key. I wanted to check it out, but it's definitely gone. A key? Do you mind if I ask why CID are investigating a breakin? Aye, I do. Is it true, about your wife? On you go. See, I've heard it's just a line you spin, to justify why it's OK for you to sleep with other women. Oh, women like you, you mean? Stones. People. Big R: Rock Top 40 Put those words in the right order, Online Radio Is it true? You're right.

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