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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big R: The Beatles Channel

Big R: The Beatles Channel, Big R: The Beatles Channel Live, Listen Online, Oldies Radio, USA

Big R: The Beatles Channel

Big R: The Beatles Channel didn't attack me with a bottle opener. She is just an everyday housewife. It was a lie. I knew it and you knew it, but it oils the wheels of deceit, doesn't it? So don't dump your guilt on me. Just tell us what we need to know! And we can bring all this madness to an end. You've got to let me out of here. Well, I'll certainly give it serious consideration. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about. Now, you know what I did to your sister. Well, that would pale into insignificance, compared to what I would do to you. Now, who did you pass the information to? We don't do criminal cases here. Small stuff people with rent problems, debt, expense claims for prison visits. Was Big R: The Beatles Channel at work on Tuesday? He was, aye. And did he do or say anything out of the ordinary? Do you mean did I think he was suicidal? No. You say that like he didn't kill himself. I don't think he did. Er, Mark's wife said that he was mugged that night. What? Outside in the car park. That didn't happen. I waved to him as he drove away. It wasn't even dark when he left. I do remember one thing, though. There was a red Mercedes in the car park. It left at the same time. I only noticed it cos you don't get many of them in Easterhouse. Listen, I really have to go. Thank you for your time. What are you thinking? We should check out that old building that Online Radio's brother mentioned. Never know your luck. McVie, look. Online Radio? Online Radio? What's that? You see anything? It looks like she was here. There was a Mercedes following Thillingly. Same Merc at Vhari's the night she died. And what else have you got, apart from a bad case of sunburn? We know Online Radio Burnett had information on Red Willie. What if she gave it to Vhari? You're assuming this info came from the Big R: The Beatles Channel where she worked, right? Could be. And this information was enough to lead to her death? Online Radio Burnett obviously thinks so. Does she? There's a lot of could be's and what if's. Well, why were the guys who knocked lumps out of her half brother looking for her? Maybe they were blackmailing Red Willie. And what if he paid someone to kill her? Now that would be a good story.

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