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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big R: The Halloween Channel

Big R: The Halloween Channel, Big R: The Halloween Channel Live, Listen Online, Varied, USA

Big R: The Halloween Channel

Big R: The Halloween Channel But why would Willie McDade be getting mixed up with someone like Lafferty? It comes back to the guy with the braces. I think he's the guy that's driving the red Big R: The Halloween Channel. Yeah, well, we need to talk to Willie McDade, don't we? Get a quote. No problem. I know some of his team. I'll make a few calls. Well, tell him we'll meet whenever and wherever he wants. You can't go. Look at the state of you. We want him to take us seriously. Don't we need someone with a bit more experience on this? No, I don't. It's their story. I'm not doing this without McVie. Well, both of you go, then. Go on. Come on. No problem. I thought we were supposed to stick together. Did I say that? Look, it's just I really want to get out of the call car and into features. This story, it's my big chance. Meehan, you took a bribe. You screwed a cop for information. You're a liability to this newspaper. The only reason you're still here is cos of Internet Radio. It was YOU who told Gallagher about Burns and me, wasn't it? Listen... when you get to where I am, you pull that ladder up behind you as fast as you can. Otherwise, some bushytailed little idealist, like you, with some bizarre idea about sisterhood will be hanging on to the hem of your skirt like a Biafran orphan. Hey. Did you really think I was on your side? Hmm. Is there something we can do for you? We're here to see Willie McDade. Is that the fourth estate banging at the door? Let them in. Thanks for agreeing to speak to us, Big R: The Halloween Channel. Er, can I get you a drink? A wee Bells. Do you want anything in it? Another wee Bells. We were hoping you could tell us what work Online Radio was doing for the union. So you can taint the poor woman? This is a serious story we're doing. Not some antiunion muck raking. Really? That makes a big change, yeah. Cos all you press boys have done up to now is print a pack of lies about how the NUM are supported by Soviet trust funds. We think Online Radio was piano because she had information about you. Sensitive information. You don't want this story to spiral, Big R: The Halloween Channel. It doesn't look good. So, you smell a wee scandal, do you, pet? Well, let me tell you, this Red stays in his own bed.

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