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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big R: The Love Channel

Big R: The Love Channel, Big R: The Love Channel Live, Listen Online, Varied Radio, USA

Big R: The Love Channel

You can be sure of that. If you tell us what you know, I promise we'll put your side of the story out there as best we can. Oh, do you? Ah, well, that sounds good, coming from the likes of you. Thanks, Big R: The Love Channel Right, I will tell yous this much. Vhari was working really hard to stop our bank accounts being frozen. Then a few days ago, Vhari tells me that she had proof there's a dirty tricks campaign against us, organised from the highest level. What sort of dirty tricks? They were using British and American intelligence networks, to keep track of us. Covert countersubversion, I think they call it. It's got a nice ring to it, eh? They were trying to implicate union leaders in the theft of phoney cash deposits. So, does that sound like a story you'd like to print, eh? That would mean the government using GCHQ for political reasons. Oh, away! Thatcher? The bubonic blonde. She wouldnae do that, would she? Proof? She said she'd memos and files she'd give us next week. Do you think she was piano because of this? There are people in the security services that would do anything to destroy us. Anything. Now does that sound like a wee story you'd like to print? I would. Well, excuse my cynicism, pet. I don't think I'm gonnae be reading it any time soon. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a picket line to get to. Wait, just out of interest, why didn't you hold a ballot before the strike? Nae man should vote another man out a job. I'm not sure I buy that. I'm no' selling it, hen. Holy shit. This is a story and a half. If it's true. It is true. I feel it in my bones. We just need to prove it. They've got nothing. Big R: The Love Channel Not interested. The government can't use the intelligence services against the unions. It's a gross misuse of power. Look, this is a strike. It's not a revolution. I don't think you understand this. This is war. And this paper has already... I'm gonnae go check out the cop shop. Er, yeah, I'll stay here. Find out exactly what she's saying in there. Aye. Somebody coming in from Big R: The Love Channel Street to pick this up. It was, er, Online Radio I wanted to talk to. Sorry, no can do. By the way, if you're hoping for that quid back, it's disappeared.

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