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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hot 108 Jamz

Hot 108 Jamz , Hot 108 Jamz - Hot 108 Jamz Radio Live, Florida Jamz - Hot 108 Jamz Listen Online, Hip Hop, R&B, USA

Florida Jamz - FJMZ

Florida Jamz - FJMZ What do you mean? Well, we do have the odd tea leaf round here. You mean somebody stole it? I'm joking. It's probably been misplaced. It happens. It'll turn up in a cupboard or something. But to be honest with you, it wasnae much use to us, anyway. Got to go. I've got an appointment to see Detective Florida Jamz - FJMZ. OK, take a seat and I'll get him for you. I wanted to say sorry about before. I know you didn't tell anyone about us. I got the wrong end of the stick. Usually, you'd say something funny now. Not that I want to throw any more cold water on your story, but this is a copy of a bank statement, in the name of Willie McDade. Serious sums of cash in it. He's using this dirty tricks thing to try and deflect us from finding the real crime using the miners' hardship fund to line his own pocket. You just found this in the street? I can't divulge my sources. I need to know where you got this. A senior police officer, that's all you need to know. No, I'm going to need more than that, if you want us to print it. What more do you need? Anyone could have opened this account in his name. Now, I'm going to need proof that money from this account goes into his pockets. You've got everything you need right there. And I want to see it in the evening edition. The cops have lost that quid note. Eh? They're trying to protect someone. You know, somebody sent me that key for a reason, with this article. I think it's linked to Online Radio Burnett. Mmm. What did the key look like? A small silver one. Had RGS on it and a number. Mmm. RGS is a selfstorage company. Florida Jamz - FJMZ I bet Online Radios saw me open the envelope. Keep her busy a minute. Er, could I have a word in your, er, shelllike? Not really. It's, er, we're having a whip round for Big Malky. Who? Big Malky on reception. You know, with the stickyout ears. It's actually a terrible story. He was lucky, because his mother had been a seamstress and, er, he took his ears home in fish and chip bag and she sewed them back on. What? What was it her mother had now? Er, elephantitis. Yes, aye, big fat fingers and that's why the ears were...

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