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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big R: The Wave

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Big R: The Wave

What the hell are you talking about? I was just admiring your computer. Can't wait to start using one. Any joy? Oh. Let's go. Well, whatever was in there, Online Radios must have it. What is she playing at? She wants the story for herself. Nice girls finish last, Online Radio What, you think this came from Online Radio Burnett? She might have seen my byline. Why else would Online Radios use it, then not say what was inside? The files. Dunno, maybe. Yeah, well, you leave it with me. I'll see what she's holding back. Can I buy you a drink? Big R: The Wave yeah. I'll meet you down there. You've got everything train tickets, ferry tickets? Stop worrying. You'll call Aunt Jean when you get to Paris. She'll let us know, right. I said I would. I'm gonnae be fine. Here's a sandwich for the train. You're not paying their prices. Thanks. I should go with her. Father Online Radios meeting her off the train. She's in God's hands now. I better watch my time. God bless. Thanks. Oh, I thought I'd missed you. Mmm, nearly. Are you sure about this? I'm not wasting my life, Online Radio I know you think I am, but I'm not. I'll write. I promise. I take it you've read these documents? I have. These prove that the intelligence services are running a dirty tricks campaign against the NUM. They suggest, among other things, planting drugs on union leaders, paying for hookers to turn up at their hotel. We'd never be so underhand! What were you planning on doing with this? Nothing. It's not the story the owners want. Nothing? What type of journalist are you, eh? This could only be sanctioned from the very top covert countersubversion against the trade union movement. We have got to use this. It could be faked. It's not just the government that lies. This could be a very clever stunt by the Big R: The Wave. You don't believe that. Listen, I believe that people are capable of anything, especially selfrighteous bleeding hearts. They're willing to screw anybody to get what they want. How was it for you, by the way? I did forget to ask. It's that button there. You do know you can't print any of that, don't you? Big R: The Wave It comes under the Official Secrets Act.

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