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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bigloo Christian Radio

Bigloo Christian Radio, Bigloo Christian Radio Live, Listen Online, Christian Contemporary Radio, USA

Bigloo Christian Radio

Online Radio And just so you know, the other night, it wasn't just about work. Not for me, anyway. Well, it was for me. Stay where you are. Shit. Hey! Hey! You were sick yesterday morning, as well. I'm fine. I'm just really stressed at work. They're firing people left, right and centre. There isn't another reason, is there? Don't be daft. It's not just Online Radio who's been living like a nun. I hope so, because that's all we'd need. Do you mean another mouth to feed or the shame and scandal of a single mother? Oh, single mother. Is that what they call them these days? Oh, no, we'd a different name. If you could do it for me. Shug, shut up. Hey, listen up. I want everything we can find on this, er, Internet Radio, the man you saw at Online Radio's house, all right? And I want his Sorry, can I phone you back? Shug, have you got anything? Try the Amnesty office or the Register of Lawyers. He must be connected to the Burnett sisters in some way. Bigloo Christian Radio Anybody got a contact at the DVLC? How about your copper buddy? Can he help us here? No chance. OK, then. Check all the car rental firms, dealerships, garages, insurance companies. Compile a list of all cars bought and all cars sold. I mean, how many red Mercs can there be in this city? That'll probably only take about two weeks, eh? A list of Mercedes owners. And that's the last favour I'm doing you. Any idea who broke into the paper yet? Do you not hear what I just said? I think it might have been security services. I'm sorry. You were right. I knew what I was getting myself into. Maybe we could start again. Start what again? Look, the thing is, Online Radio, you're never gonnae trust me because you know I'm already lying to my wife. And if I can lie to her, I can lie to you. Right? Hey, it's my own fault. I wish I hadn't spun the same old line with you, but I did and I can't change that. Bigloo Christian Radio And now it's... Yeah, it's poisoned. Us, I mean. See, it'll always be there. The mistrust and sooner or later it'll rear its ugly head. I wish I'd treated you with more respect. See I bet even now you're thinking "Oh, "is this just the same old Burns line?" I might need your help soon.

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