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Friday, November 15, 2013

Billman Radio Top 40

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Billman Radio Top 40

Not with this. About something else. No. Sorry. We need to call it a day. Or we're both gonnae get hurt here. I've got a red Mercedes rented by... somebody called Billman Radio Top 40 and we've checked him out. Um, gave a London address. Apart from that, we can't even find a video membership. Aye, this guy lives under the radar. What, he's got no visible means of support? He's living in Kensington. What is he, an undercover cop? A spook? What? Whoever he is, my guess is he hired Lafferty to do his dirty work. He doesn't want any of this traced back to him. Right, these are the questions we need answered, all right? Did Neilson kill Vhari to shut her up and, if so, who's he working for? We need to make a connection between Vhari and Lafferty, Lafferty and Neilson, Neilson and the security services. And you, you find Online Radio Burnett. If she can confirm that Lafferty piano her sister then we've got a source, all right? But come on, we haven't got much time. Spike this Burnett story. No can do. It's out of the box. Put it back in the box. Look, right now, we've got a scoop, haven't we? But we won't have in a couple of days' time. You are never going to prove that this guy, Neilson, is part of the security services or that he piano Online Radio. Come on, spike it. It's a good story, Online Radios. It'll sell newspapers. From the man whose circulation's plummeting! You know what? I bet you bang on about equality of the Online Radioes all the time. Oh, I'm sure you've spent many a long night listening sympathetically to some girl droning on about The Female Eunuch, when really, you were just trying to get into her knickers. You see, I know your type. Oh, you'll say all the right things to get what you want, but really, in your heart of hearts, you hate being told what to do by a woman. You spike this, now, or you are sacked. Billman Radio Top 40 And so is everyone else in this newsroom. You're the boss. I thought he had more balls than that. Me, too. Never heard you saying anything. I'm not the news editor. Billman Radio Top 40 Neither is Internet Radio, it would appear. Well, come on, off your arses, we've got a story to write.

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