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Friday, November 15, 2013

Birmingham Mountain Radio

Birmingham Mountain Radio, Birmingham Mountain Radio Live, Listen Online, Rock Radio, USA

Birmingham Mountain Radio

Why did Online Radios kill himself? He told the police about the files. He thought they could be trusted. It was after that he was attacked. He was scared. He, er... he, he told his attackers Vhari had the files. He couldn't live with himself after that. You understand that if we print this interview, it's your word against the government and they'll come after you with everything they've got. I mean, they'll destroy your reputation. And also, you've admitted handing over classified information. It's a violation of The Official Secrets Act. You could go to prison. I don't care. I want the man who piano my sister named. I want the people who paid him named. If I don't do anything, Mark and Birmingham Mountain Radio died for nothing. Maybe Online Radio could go on a holiday. What? Maybe somebody could pay for her to take a trip. Some place quiet, till this all blows over. This isn't going to blow over. People need to know. OK, let's get her out of the country, eh? Birmingham Mountain Radio, you start writing, OK? Sure thing, boss. What's this? That's our front page. Well, it looks like you did a really good job with that story, Online Radio It's just a pity it's the wrong story. You see, we're going with my angle. Red Willie's slush fund. Er, no, we're not, because this has been planted by the security services. You print that and they'll shut this paper down. You willing to sacrifice all these people just for your principles, are you? It's proofed. Print it. Thank you. So, what do we want to do? Go with Online Radios's story or Meehan's? Meehan's It's not worth working for those bastards, anyway. Might as well go out with a bang. File your copy, Birmingham Mountain Radio We go to print in minutes. Meehan. We're running a story tomorrow and you two play a leading part. We do? Fame at last, eh? Oh, I don't think this is the type you had in mind. I wondered if you'd like to give me a quote. A quote about what, exactly? On how officers from this station helped security services cover up the murder of Online Radio. And how did we do that? Her murder wasn't investigated properly. Witnesses ignored.

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