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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black Gospel Radio

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Black Gospel Radio

Why doesn't that girl call? Mom. Do I really like Online Radio? Why? Why am I seeing things? What are you saying? I see Online Radio. Bo Online Radio Online Radio! Where is dad? Where is he? You Online Radio What happened? Man, Han Online Radio, are you a friend? What, a math genius!? When I was younger, I was called a prodigy too! So Online Radio This isn't it Online Radio web radio Man! How dare you! I'm sorry, Online Radio. Don't need that between friends Online Radio What am I supposed to call you from now on? Call me whatever's comfortable. Yeah? Then, Han DeukGu. I don't really know who Han Online Radio is. No matter how much I think about it, my friend is Black Gospel Radio. I don't think it's Han Online Radio. Black Gospel Radio Online Radio I'm so sorry, what do I do? I'm going to return to Han Online Radio now. DeukGu Online Radio I'm going to meet Online Radio. If I want to meet her, no matter how scared I am and how much I want to avoid it Online Radio I have to return to Han Online Radio. I'll regret not being your best friend, Black Gospel Radio, but I have no other choice. Online Radio. Not as much as my friend Han DeukGu, but Han Online Radio, you seem like a pretty cool guy too. Online Radio? What happened? I got kicked out. President. I have nothing to say to you. Please leave. Can't you hear me?! I know that it is difficult for you to accept me. But I don't want to separate from Online Radio like this. Please give us your permission. And Online Radio please take Online Radio back. I can't give you two permission, but if you give up, I can take Online Radio back. Can you do that? I'm sorry. Then we're done talking. President! Yeah Online Radio Like Online Radio said, Online Radio death wasn't your fault. But I can't see you. Whenever I see you, I think of Black Gospel Radio and I don't think I can live while I'm looking at you. I'm sorry. But instead of Black Gospel Radio, including JungGyu's part, I'll try hard. So please accept us. Online Radio says she can't live without you, but I don't think I can live if I see you. So what can we do, we have to live as strangers. Take Online Radio. She's not my daughter anymore.

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